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Commitment, Sincerity at All Levels – A ‘Recipe’ for Sustaining Peace in Liberia

Liberia – a founding member of the United Nations Organization, onMonday, October 24, 2016, joined the world-over in celebrating the71st Anniversary of the United Nations. Traditionally, the celebrations around the world included meetings,replica of the United Nations model in schools, discussions, as wellas exhibits on the goals and achievements of the organization, amongothers.

In Liberia, a National Peace Festival to mark UN Day and SustainedPeace, under the auspices of Culture Ambassador Julie Endee’s LiberiaCrusaders for Peace or LCP, characterized the celebrations.

The October 24 National Peace Festival – intended not only tocelebrate, but express gratitude to the UN Mission in Liberia,according Ambassador Endee, for all it has done to bring the country

to a stable and peaceful state, attracted a number of nationaldignitaries, including Liberia’s Vice President Joseph Boakai, the UNSecretary General Special Representative, national and internationalmusicians, as well as cultural groups, among others, to alsoappreciated more than a decade of uninterrupted peace in Liberia.

Interestingly, the central theme of the various speeches andcomments/remarks made during the Festival was the sustenance of thepeace already achieved in Liberia through the West Africa Regionalgrouping – ECOWAS, United Nations and Liberian stakeholders.

While the absence of war or ‘sounds of the guns’ may necessarily notmean peace, we do appreciate the fact that, through the efforts of theECOWAS and UN, the ‘silence of the guns’ for the past 13 years hascreated the environment for free movement and the associated tenants of democracy.

Building upon such environment as created through the intervention ofECOWAS and UN, it is now incumbent on Liberians themselves to exercisethe highest degree of commitment and sincerity in enhancing andsustaining the peace by ensuring and maintaining/protecting the basic necessities of life, transparent justice for all, as well as thecreation of job opportunities, among others.

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We are of the fervent belief that adherence to the foregoing by all –the Liberian administration and Liberians, would – no doubt, fosterunity and the sustenance of peace.

Regarding pre and post-election peace, there must be no need to‘panic’ if and only if we all – the referee (National ElectionsCommission) and players (politicians, parties, supporters and the

administration) play to the rules of the game and allow or attempt toencourage any encroachment on the rules and the entire electoralprocess. 

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