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Commuters complain over increased transport fare

Commuters from the New Georgia, Gardnerville, Bardnerville and Stephen Tolbert Estate Communities are raising serious concerns here over the increase in transport fare by commercial vehicles. In an exclusive interview with The New Dawn on 1 November, commuters complain that transportation fares in these localities have increased from L$80 to L$100 for taxi cabs, while busses are now collecting L$40 instead of L$30 for distance between those communities and Central Monrovia.

A businesswoman, Mrs. Winifred Koffa says commercial taxi cabs commuting in those areas have hiked transport faresL$100.00 for distance from Central Monrovia to Bardnerville. She adds that the situation has led serious fight between some drivers and passengers over the hiking of transportation fares while in other instances, both parties would result to court action based on the gravity of the case.

She makes specific reference to the yellow commercial bus known here as “Killer Bean,” claiming that it is charging L$40.00 without any justification.

But some of the accused commercial drivers plying that route are attributing their decision to hike the transportation fares to the alleged increment in the prices of both gasoline and fuel oil at gas stations.

According to them, a gallon of gasoline which was previously sold at L$320.00 is now sold L$440.00 dollars, while fuel price has increased from L$340 to L$360.00, respectively.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Koffa is calling on the Ministry of Transport to ensure that commercial vehicles operating in the country adhere to the mandate of the Ministry of Commerce which has the constitutional authority to increase prices on goods and services.

By Emmanuel Mondaye –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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