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Complete nonsense

-ANC dismisses coup plot rumor

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The opposition Alternative National Congress says here it has come to its attention that the CDC-led government is purposely spreading vicious propaganda and lies aimed at framing its political leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, into a coup plot.

“These media campaigns come in the wake of information circulating in the communities and on social media of the government’s plan to arrest key opposition leaders, including Mr. Cummings, on treason charges, before or during the Step Down campaign”, the ANC says.

In a press release issued here on Monday, December 02, the party recalls that few weeks ago, Freedom FM, a pro-government radio station said to be owned by National Security Agency (NSA) Deputy Director, Sam Siryon, broadcasted that Mr. Alexander Cummings was planning to overthrow the Weah administration through the December 30th Step Down Protest. Besides, it further says a local daily reported yesterday that Mr. Cummings is planning and supporting the overthrow of the government on December 30, 2019.

“Our Political Leader wishes to make it categorically clear that this is not about fear of arrest. However, he would like to clarify for the records that while we support the rights of Liberians to protest their grievances, he has never and will never support a coup or any unconstitutional removal of a sitting President. He wants the Liberian people to know that these allegations are COMPLETE NONSENSE and describes those cooking up their fake treason charges as irresponsible leaders who should not bring their nonsense to him”, the party responds.

It quotes its political leader as saying that instead of engaging in misinformation and distractions, they [the government] should focus on their responsibility to the people, find the money to pay salaries during these difficult economic times and prioritize the well- being of the citizenry.

The ANC further notes it is a shame that while its Political Leader is busy helping the people, investing in businesses to keep the economy afloat, etc., the government is busy sponsoring silly stories about a fake coup plot just to divert public attention from its piss-poor performance and bad governance.

“While we expect these lies and chicanery to continue given the people’s reception of Mr. Cummings as the alternative, we will no longer respond to them. Notwithstanding, we’d like to remind our people that our history is replete with such misguided behavior from a ruling government using fake coup plots to get rid of formidable opposition leaders”, it reflects and adds this was the path of the Doe era, which is rearing its ugly head again under President Weah. “This is distasteful, unacceptable and should be condemned by all Liberians”, the release urges.The Government of Liberia has kept conspicuously silent on these rumors, linking opposition leaders to a coup plot.

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