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COMSLIB launched simultaneously in Liberia, Australia

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A new non-governmental organization, Community Service (Liberia) Incorporated or COMSLIB for short, has a community economy for Liberia’s Vision 2030.

Meanwhile, COMSLIB has pledged commitment towards the development agenda of Liberia by approving funding for a number of community=based projects, including community mentoring, community bulletins, community garden, community reciprocal reliefs, community library, community refrigeration, community sports, and community laundry which will provide opportunities to  beneficiaries.

In order to guarantee sustainability, community participation and management, the organization’s community engagement strategy requires that a community (eg. Liberia) contributes 15-25 percent in cash, kind or labor while 75-85 percent of the project costs are funded by COMSLIB.

The chairman of the Board of Advisors, George Wisner, ll recently inducted into office COMSLIB Executive Committee in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He encouraged Liberians to be proud of their country’s history and encouraged them to contribute to the reconstruction process of Liberia instead of relying on the Government entirely, a condition that is possible but time consuming due to limited resources that confront any nation after a long civil war.

The Chief Executive Officer, Simeon S. Kormon, for his part, said that there is a need for Liberians to change from the negative manner of engaging Government.

On one hand, he acknowledged that there will be no “perfect government that exists on earth”, while on the other hand, he indicated that while there will be some distractions, Liberians should acknowledge those who are doing their best to serve with honesty, commitment, diligence and integrity.

The newly inducted President, Michael Yearney, assured community-based organization leaders that COMSLIB, as an NGO, was only interested “to work with communities and not for communities”. He assured community leaders of COMSLIB’s unwavering moral, financial and technical support when called upon.

Those inducted were: Chief Executive Officer, Simeon S. Kormon; President, Michael Yearney; Vice President, Miatta Sheriff; Secretary, Nemen Kpahn; Treasurer, Marie-Françoise Mukamurigo; and Chief Accountant, Monica Doe-Nummeh.

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