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Confidence will be Restored

The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police or LNP, Col. Gregory O.W. Coleman, has disclosed here that the new police force under his administration will not be deterred in handling issues that matter to the protection of citizens and the police at large.

“I don’t see what will scare us because the foundation has already been laid by former Director Chris C Massaquoi; now it is our obligation to follow the footsteps of our former boss; in doing that we will not be deterred in doing what is right to take this new police force to the next level”.

Col. Coleman made the remark on Saturday, November 28, 2016, at the police headquarters on Capitol Hill, when the gavel of authority was turned over to him by former Director Massaquoi.

The Inspector General indicated that the new police force will work in line with the legacy and the foundation left by former Director Massaquoi.

“My service here at this job will be on the basis of team work, because I understand that the ability to fulfill lies in the hands of every police officers; we cannot dis-associates ourselves from our achievement, because the foundation on which we are going to build was laid by the former chief of police”.

“I can remember when Director Massaquoi took over this police force, it was a scratch; but it was he that developed this force to what it is today, including the new police Act that we now have, and the challenge now is ours to perform to the best of our abilities to restore the confidence that our citizens once had in the police he adds,” Coleman said..

He noted that there is a lot to be done in every aspect of this force following the UNMIL draw down – the upcoming elections and others are work that the young men and women need to start thinking about.

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He assured former Director that they were not deterred, because the foundation has been laid to continue to build on such. The outgoing Inspector General Clarence C. Massaquoi also urged the newly inducted inspector general to build his own legacy to help in the transformation of the Liberia National [Police.

“Mr. inspector General, the current mantle of leadership of the LNP rests upon your shoulders; go and build your own legacy and I wish the best to the young men and women of the LNP; let me congratulate you also for your sacrificial services, and I also urge you to continue to even be more vibrant in the execution of your duties,” Director Massaquoi said.

The former police chief made the disclosure November 28, 2016, when he turned over the mantle of authority to his successor, Col. Coleman. “When we assumed the mantle of leadership of the LNP for the second time, we committed ourselves to leave an indelible mark in the annals of the LNP; when we took over in 2011, there were 211 officers with first degree in various disciplines, especially in criminal justice constituting 12.3% of the total number of the LNP officers,” he noted.

According to him, the number rose to 263 during his second incumbency, and now the number constitutes 19.8% of the overall strength of the police, saying while those with master’s degree stood at eight in 2011, under our administration, the number increased by seven, making a total of fifteen LNP officers with master’s degree amounting to 87.5%.

The former LNP Boss noted that during his administration, there were three hundred officers who benefited from various levels of academy, and professional training- both locally and externally. These efforts were aimed at strengthening the capacity of law enforcement officers, Col. Massaquoi added, saying his disclosures were not intended to take[personal credit, but encourage all other officers of the LNP, especially the incoming Inspector General of the LNP.

He pointed out that during his service in the midst of challenges; his administration was accorded the platforms that foster the execution of his statutory mandate to protect lives and property.

“Therefore, I am appreciative of whatsoever we achieved over the years of our service, and continue to excel; and we owe it to all to Madam President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,” he said. 

By Lewis S. Teh

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