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Conflict About Importance – Part 2

We will start from where we ended in Part I. still remember how butt presented its importance to the entire body, after which legs came in to challenge butt’s over-emphasized Importance and to also present their own importance?

Butt’s argument about suffering during long journeys, when doing office jobs, about getting numb, etc., did not go down well with legs, and they would not allow butt to just pass with that statement. Legs smiled mockingly before making their point, “Brother Butt, you have just unfairly presented your importance to the body. You mentioned long journeys, office jobs, getting numb, etc. In all of these instances, are you saying that it is only you who work? When you sit on a chair, rock, table, etc., who balances you? Not us? Don’t you realize that you cannot sit without us? And concerning your long journeys, if there are no seats, for example, on the bus or train, is it not we who uphold the entire body during the journey?”

There was another complete silence after legs’ remark. Of course, the argument about who should be considered the most important body part would not start and end with butt and legs. Other parts wanted to showcase their importance, too.

Hands hissed mockingly and said, “Oh, so it is about who is important and who is not? Then we will point out that we are the most important. We are the ones that help the body to get food. We put food into mouth before eating can take place. We hold the spoon, the fork, and so forth to get food to the body. We may also just do it ourselves. We are the most important.”

“Not necessarily so, dear Legs,” reacted mouth. “I am able to get food directly to me without your help. You know that I have done that many times before. In fact, I start the process of digestion.  It’s unfair for you to project your importance in that manner. I am the most important.”

Then teeth laughed and said, “But brother Mouth, that’s a lie. You are not the one who starts the process of digestion. We do. We do the cutting and chewing of food. In fact, without us, you are nothing. Can you chew boiled cassava? Can you chew coconuts? Can you chew raw farina? You can’t even chew meat, so there is no need to mention bone. Do you think about how you would even look if we teeth got angry and decided to pack off and leave you? So, if that’s the line of argument you want to take, then we will say that we are the most important.”

“Wait a minute, Teeth,” interjected Brother Throat. “Although you have challenged Brother Mouth’s statement, you are also overstating your importance. Your cutting and chewing of food do not send food to the body. I am Brother Throat. If I were not around to send cut or chewed food to stomach, your cutting or chewing would be meaningless. I am that passageway. I am that senior transporter. Besides, it is not all the food you cut or chew. I can directly pick up food from lips and send it to stomach just like that. When last you ever cut or chewed fufu? When last you even cut or chewed dumboy? When last you eve chewed tablets, including multivitamin pills, around here? Don’t I take these things directly? If that is how you guys are going to argue, then I will say that I am the most important.”

“But, Teeth,” came in Brother Throat, “if that is …”

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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