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Conflicting views emerge over sodomized woman’s death

-As family members grieve

By: Emmanuel wise Jipoh

Grieving family members of a 25-year-old mother of five identified as Princess Winny, who was reportedly sodomized to death last week allegedly by her boyfriend await police forensic report amidst conflicting views as to what may have killed her.

The lifeless body of Princess was discovered last week amid reports that she was sodomized by a man believed to be her boyfriend-one Price Kesselly, a wheelbarrow operator.

Princess, the mother of four girls, and one boy; “Patience, Ruth, Helen, Nathaline, and Michael with different fathers reportedly succumbed to death, in Weh Town, old Gobachop Community in Red light, just few steps away from a Poultry, where she was said to have lied down while experiencing severe pains before her demise.

The deceased was alleged to be a commercial sex worker, according to some residents in the area. Some told the New Dawn newspaper in a follow-up to what may have caused her death that the late Princess was excessively drinking and taking in narcotic substances as well.

Some say the intake of hard liquor and narcotic substances may have been the cause of the illness which eventually led to her death.

Ansu Gaye, a disadvantaged youth in the area who took charge of Princess’ remains while awaiting the deceased’s family’s arrival told the NewDawn newspaper that he knew the deceased as a sex- worker.

He claimed that she used to hustle, leaving her Soul Clinic residence for Red-light in search of survival.

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Speaking in a Liberian parlance Gaye narrated: “You know, Princess that woman who used to come hustle here and all of us used to get charged (a Liberia way of saying to get drunk through liquor or contrite banned substance). But I don’t know how she died. All I can tell you [is that] it is sorrowful,” Ansu explained.

” We woke up and heard the news she has died, and the wheelbarrow nigger had sex [with her] in her anus”, Gaye noted.

Massa, a friend of the deceased, mournfully told this paper that her buddy had complained of stomach pain after having sex with a nigga, who she described as Princess’ preferred right-hand costumer or boyfriend “(Prince)”.

Massa explained that as friends, they have advised Peter to take Princess to hospital after she had complained of stomach pains which may have started a week before her death, but he declined to heed their advice.

She alleged that he informed them that he was looking for money but denied having anus sex with the deceased.

Massa recalled that the late Princess started complaining of stomach pain on April 16th, 2023. According to Massa, Princess had informed them that Prince has had anus sex with her a night before the pains started.

 “It was early on the morning of April 21st, when her condition got worse, that how they decided to pressure Prince to cater to their friend. At the time, he started to spin around for money to attend to her, and out of sudden, she died”, a friend added.

According to the Chairman of the Weh Town, old-Gobachop Community, Mr. Cyrus M. Sayeh, the late Princess Winny, was a street girl, who frequently used to visit the community.

He said it was almost like she was residing in the area, because there she has most of her friends, and they were all engaged in alcoholic drinking most often, especially King-juice (unrefined gem).

Mr. Sayeh said few days before her death, Princess appeared to be deteriorating in her body from her physical appearance.

According to him, she seems to be appearing “pure-white, in body, almost like someone, who is sickly, and the too much alcohol “(King Juice ).“ Drinking may have caused draining in her body prior to her death, he said.

Chairman Sayeh, said at the time of her death, it was early Thursday Morning, April 21, when Community dwellers, drew his attention to Princess’ condition.

He said he was informed of how she had been complaining of her Stomach and waist pains, and what they said she has told them, what has happened to her resulting in the pains she was going through at the moment.

Sayeh explained that when he got the story and heard a man believed to be her boyfriend, may have condomized her, he requested the presence of the boyfriend “(Prince Kesselley)”.

He narrated that Prince attested that Princess’ was his girlfriend, but couldn’t admit to the allegation of homosexuality, but confirmed he observed that Princess was sick, and was running after money to get her medications. He denied having intercourse with her because of her deteriorating condition.

Mr. Sayeh said because of the condition of the late Princess, before her death, he prevailed on Prince Kesselley to hurry up and find some money to get Princess medications, but while in the process, Princess pass-off, behind his back.

Sayeh said he managed to apprehend (Mr. Kessely) and took him to the nearby Zone- 5, Police depot in the community for further investigation.

He lamented that family members, who came to take delivery of the body had informed him that their daughter has been sick and was taken to a series of hospitals, coupled with her unwanted street life, which the family had constantly frowned on.

Mr. Sayeh indicated that the parents, upon their arrival on the scene told him they wanted to take delivery of their daughter’s body because it was strange to their ears that the deceased was condomized.

All they knew was she had been sick, loves Streetlife, and has been taken away from a series of gaps and ghettos in and around the Soul Clinic Community before she finally flew home and began living in the street, and they became restless of her attitude.

Sayeh said he has advised the family to take the body to the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital in Sinkor, which they did, to allow the doctors to carry on forensics to know what may have led to her death, and be issued a death certificate, before going for burial even though they aren’t convinced of sodomy, pending Police Investigation.

But Abraham Kerkula, elder brother to the deceased told the told New Dawn, his late Sister has never suffered a complicated health problem and had never been taken to hospital when she was alive, and as such, it would be difficult to provide any medical report on her.

He expressed frustration over the Liberia National Police (LNP) demanding a medical report the before releasing the body to them.

He told Newsman, thought his late sister was engaged in street activities when she was alive, leading her to end up in such a tragic manner, but has never suffered any health complication as rumors, by residents, and peers of Princess.

He added that the Princess had left their father’s home in Soul Clinic nearly three months before her death.

He noted that the family had exerted all efforts to dissuade her from such a terrible lifestyle and return home to live like a normal child, but all their efforts did not materialize.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased is currently deposited at the JFK Mortuary, awaiting the Police Forensic examination order, scheduled for Monday, April 24, 2023, a family source has said.- Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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