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Confusion at Liberia Scrap Association

The Chairman of the Grievance Committee of the Liberia Scrap Association (LSA) M.C Bah has strongly reacted to the actions of some individuals whom he accuses of masquerading as leaders of the association, allegedly contravening the association’s By-Laws and Constitution.

Addressing a news conference over the weekend in Monrovia, Mr. Bah accused Mr. Cooper Yormie, James Yarclay, Richard Collins and one Mafalah as those allegedly contravening the association’s constitution.

Mr. Bah alleges that Mr. Cooper Yormie was masquerading as president of the entity after engaging in public mud-sliding of LSA’s president, Mr. Aylmer Johnson.
According to him, it undermines the function and office of the president, adding that Mr. Yormie and his followers have been in the media and making pronouncement that Johnson was no longer the LSA’s president.

He claims that the Mr. Yormie has wrongfully been carrying out activities in the name of the association, clarifying that at no time was any vote of no confidence cast against Mr. Johnson to remove him LSA president.

According to him, James Yarclay and Mohamed Kelta were allegedly expelled in 2017 from the association for misconduct and unscrupulous acts in violation of Article IV “D” of the By-laws and Constitution of the LSA following investigation.

Bah says to avoid embarrassment the public is warned not to do any business with Mr. Yormie and his disciples. However, a resolution released by the accused, Mr. Cooper M. Yormie dated 15 September 2017 says the leadership of Aylmer B. Johnson was removed from office through a resolution reached by the association’s Executive Committee and Grievance Committee.

The document claims that the leadership’s removal was based on Mr. Johnson’s alleged persistent confrontation with government officials, unilateral action to travel to Yekepa, Nimba County, along with his personal group of investors and negotiation to have a share in the Nimba scrap by using his authority as president of the LSA, among others.

Mr. Yormie’s version of the resolution indicates that following the removal of the Johnson led – administration, the Executive Committee and Grievance Committee unanimously endorsed an interim leadership that he (Yormie) led along with several others to stair the affairs of the LSA.

It shows that Richard B. Kollie was also endorsed as interim Vice President for Administrative, Mohammed Konateh, interim Vice President for Operations, James T. Mafarlon, interim Secretary General, Sam Yeebahn, interim Task Force Commander and James S. Yarclay, interim Chairman, among others.

Cooper Yormie also denies that he and others were impersonating as president and officials of the LSA as alleged by the Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bah.He says such claims have no truth and intended to misinform the public about the activities and operations of the LSA under his administration.

According to Yormie, at no time was he and others were ever investigated by a Grievance Committee established by Johnson and Bah, found guilty and expelled from the LSA as it is being erroneously circulated by the two individuals.

He discloses that the so-called Jonson resolution does not exist and any resolution used by the two individuals acting as heads of the association is fake.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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