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Confusion Engulfs Volleyball Federation

Confusion seems to be clouding the Liberia Volleyball Federation (LVF) once again. The Executive Committee, including ten (10) clubs may just not be satisfied with the leadership of the LVF. It is calling on the Ministry of Youth and Sports to stop all funding under the guise of conducting a National League to the leadership of Atty. Moifee Kanneh.  According to the Committee, the Moifee Kanneh leadership is illegitimate.

The clubs said Kanneh in 2010, boycotted an electoral process which supervised by the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC), in a bid to finding an amicable solution to the leadership crisis, but later allegedly manipulated an electoral process in 2011 only to elect he on a “white ballot” thus contravening the Constitution of the Volleyball Federation.

According to statement issued Sunday under the signature of W. Omecee Johnson in Monrovia, the ten club-Executive Committee said it recently received a flyer purportedly from Kanneh, but with no name inviting them to participate in what the flyer described as a national league.

At the same time, the ten-club Executive Committee of the Volley Federation is calling on the Ghanaian and Nigerian contingent Volleyball teams of UNMIL not to honor their invitations to participate in the so-called national league because they are ineligible.

The LVF Executive Committee said the Nigerian and Ghanaian contingents of UNMIL can only participate in friendly volleyball matches and not the National league, regretting that for Kanneh to invite them to participate in a national league further exposes his incompetence and lack of knowledge on the rules of the game.

This paper was unable to establish contact with the President of the Liberia Volley Federation, Mr. Moifee Kanneh because his contact number was unavailable. It, however, hopes to contact Mr. Kanneh for his reaction.

Meanwhile, the Executive Committee is inviting officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Liberia National Olympic Committee, all former players of the federation, media and the general public to a one day volleyball tournament among the ten clubs on July 26, 2012 beginning at 8:00 am at the YMCA Gymnasium in Monrovia.

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