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Corruption holding African Countries down

– Amb. Greenfield
The United State Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Amb. Linda Thomas Greenfield, says corruption is holding African Countries down. According to Amb. Greenfield, every country could do better in fighting corruption and the only way to do better is to persecute those involved in corruption.

She emphasized the need to hold people accountable for their involvement in corruption. She told a news conference at the U S Embassy near Monrovia on Monday that democracy was a process that continues to improve, expressing the need for citizens to understand what democracy is, as well as what it is to sell their votes.

The US Assistant Secretary of State – also a former Ambassador to Liberia, noted that it was time that Liberian voters be educated, emphasizing the need for citizens to understand their roles in the democracy process, as well as how they use their votes responsibly to avoid selling their votes.

The US Ambassador to Liberia also stressed the need for Liberians to demand commitment from their politicians that they would be in power to represent their interest. Additionally, she expressed the belief that Liberia was ready to take on its own security, noting that what Liberians needed to do is to have confidence in their own security.

On the educational system, the US Diplomat, said education was the most important priority for every government because a broken educational system will produce teachers not prepared to go into the classroom.

She underscored that a lot of work needs to be done to improve the educational system in Africa.

When quizzed about Global Witness’ report involving top Liberian Government officials, she expressed her inability to read the report, but described Global Witness as a credible organization that everyone should take very seriously, admonishing the government to investigate and take actions.

By Bridgett Milton-Edited by George Barpeen

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