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COSOL promotes Anti-Piracy vigilance campaign

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The Copyright Society of Liberia (COSOL), with support from the Liberia Intellectual Property Office (LIPO), has launched a grand competition for the production of a musical jingle on the theme: “Fight Against Piracy.” 

The official launch of the month-long entries for the “Fight Against Piracy” musical jingle contest was held on Tuesday 5 July 2022 at COSOL’s office.

It is geared toward engendering the participation of stakeholders of Liberia’s creative sector and COSOL’s members in its awareness drive.

The primary focus of COSOL’s exclusive and inclusive mandate is ensuring value is added to creativity for wealth creation in Liberia.

The competition is one of COSOL’s strategies to create a platform where local creative artists can see the need to join COSOL in the fight against piracy.

In an interview with this paper Tuesday, COSOL Executive Director, Prince Emmanuel Decker provided more details concerning the competition. 

Decker disclosed that the move is in keeping with COSOL’s task to create a value system where the popularity and fame of local creative artists can fairly be commensurate with wealth generation.

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Decker, formerly a technical consultant to LIPO Director-General, Cllr. P. Adelyn Cooper has 10 years of experience in the West African country’s intellectual property system. 

In his new role, he assumes oversight responsibility related to copyright issues for Liberian creative works, including the collection and distribution of royalties.

According to Decker, participation in the is strictly restricted to COSOL members who satisfy pre-qualification requirements for the musical jingle competition.

The competition comes with a cash award of US$500. He said all entries in the “Fight Against Piracy” jingle competition should carry voice, lyrics and musical components.

He added that it must also clearly communicate the message of Anti – Piracy, adding that words such as ‘COSOL, Creativity, Piracy, License, Wealth Creation, Royalty Collection, and Liberia must be captured in the musical jingle.

He noted that these words must be captured to be qualified as an entry for the competition.

Additionally, he mentioned that the musical jingle must in a clear tone link the idea of piracy across literary, artistic, dramatic, audio- & audio-visual works.

According to the COSOL boss, the jingle’s lyrics should not be more than two minutes and the language can either be Standard English or local colloquia. 

He emphasized that jingle entries should not contain any indecent and belligerent subjects that run contrary to COSOL’s image. –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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