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Country devil joins CICO’s protest

Latest report gathered by the New Dawn says, a country devil (traditional secret society priest) has joined the protest at CICO, the Chinese International Construction Company that is rehabilitating the Red light-Gbarnga major high in the country.

This was after locals in Weala, Margibi County where the company is currently operating clashed with police officers using tear gas canisters. A situation that left several persons wounded. Our correspondent says the locals are demanding compensation for their homes that were destroyed to give way for the road construction.

Our correspondent said the devil entered the fence on Monday May16, 2016 during the late evening hours , after the protest and scared away almost all of the work force and some officers of the Emergency Response Unit or ERU who were securing the company as a result of the protest.

The protesters through their spokesperson Alonzo J. Tucker told journalists on Monday 16 that the company due them US 1.5 million for damaging their houses as a result of the company’s operations and it has failed for the past four years to settle them.

It is not clear who assigned the country devil but traditional leaders in the area are believed to have assigned the devil to go to CICO after the citizens were mishandled during a peaceful protest.  Our reporter says only few of the ERU and the CICO workers that are traditionally qualified to be present when the devil is around stayed at the company on Monday and were also seen around on Tuesday May 17, 2016. 

The devil’s presence led the company to shut down its operations on Tuesday as many of its workforce are none members of this traditional secret cult. Our reporter also says the devil left the company on Tuesday evening after spending the night at CICO but the workers were still afraid to go to work fearing the traditional priest could still be around .

Currently, CICO’s operational area is now like a ghost town following the appearance of the country devil on Monday evening.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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