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Court issues stay order against Magistrate Kamara

Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice has issued a stay order to Associate Magistrate Lasana Kamara to halt a case involving Persistent Non- Support.

Presiding Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie of Criminal Court “A” issued the stay order against Associate Magistrate of the Monrovia City Magisterial Court, Lasana Kamara to stay further proceeding in the case, following a petition filed by Cllr Michael Diggs.

Defendant Diggs claims Magistrate Kamara did not afford him due process. Magistrate Kamara has been invited to a conference today, August 16, 2018 in the chamber of Presiding Judge Willie.

The petitioner asserts that not only has the magistrate denied him any and all opportunities to vigorously present his side of the story in the matter, which is consistent with an accused’s rights to due process under the law and Constitution of Liberia

Defendant Michael Diggs was recently sued by Malessa Blayee for persistent non-support.But the Petitioner argues the magistrate is conducting the matter in such a manner and form that provides a forum and opportunity for the 2nd respondent and her bag of extortionists and blackmailers to continuously broadcast his name and matter on national radio, thereby bringing serious disrespect against his person as a Counselor-At-Law.

Petitioner further charges that Magistrate Kamara is working in a cohort with the 2nd respondent Malessa Blayee to exploit and extort money from him and tarnish his reputation, which he has laboriously built over the years.

According to him, he has been paying for his child’s support from January to August 2018, adding that even during the early stage of the 2nd respondent pregnancy, he gave her US$1,000.00
which she admitted before Magistrate Kamara.

Petitioner continues, “If you divide US$1,000.00 by six months, from February 2017, she has received to July 25, 2017 to the date she gave birth, it means she has received US$200.00 for monthly upkeep”.

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He notes that after the accused received said amount from the petitioner, she was incommunicado and went in hiding, refusing to answer calls and behaving strange.

Petitioner says because of the 2nd respondent suspicious behavior and the circumstances concerning the birth of her child, petitioner request court to authorize a court managed and supervised DNA testing to prove the true paternity of the 2nd respondent’s child, noting that petitioner shall be prepared to underwrite the cost.

Meanwhile, the petitioner requests the court to enjoin magistrate Kamara from further presiding in the foregoing matter, and this honorable court must become seized of the matter decided and resolve all outstanding issues and a paternity test between the petitioner and the 2nd respondent’s child, and grant unto petitioner all that this court shall deem just legal and equitable.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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