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COVID-19: Advice to fellow Liberians, Africa and the larger world

As one apprehensively struggles with the unprecedented realities of Covid-19 daily in foreign land, it emotionally piques your patriotism to also sound a trumpet cautioning your home country against disparaging the impact of this vicious virus.
Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to overwhelm nations and authorities across the globe.

This quasi-apocalyptic pandemic is aggressively threatening human lives as well as abruptly interrupting national and international economics. Requisite authorities have implemented precautionary measures as a sign of commitment to curbing the fast-paced infections and eventually eradicating this widespread disease. The preventive procedures include but are not limited to temporary suspension of some habitual activities, washing of hands and body regularly as necessary, masking or covering of nose-mouth, avoiding touching any part of the face, maintaining social or physical distancing, staying at home, practicing respiratory hygiene, exercising self-isolation or self-quarantine and seeking medical attention when required. These protective cautions are intended to be observed by everyone, extending from public officials to private individuals. Abiding by them may not ultimately avert exposure but it will certainly minimize the risks of contagion.

Undoubtedly, covid-19 is neither a comic episode to entertain nor is it a questionable exposition to hold in denial; rather, it’s unfortunately an authentic and a daily challenge that requires united front to combat its exponential spread. There in Italy and here in New York for instance, the reality is vivid and everyone is respecting directives. Therefore, if your environment still enjoys zero case or experiences a very limited number of cases, it is the best window of opportunity to take combative actions against the risks of transmission and avoid being the next apex of casualties. This covid-19 does not discriminate and, as such, all humans must accept its existence and take heed regardless of emerging theories surrounding the cause of the virus.

On the flipside, Government is expected to institute safety policies for its populace against the effect of covid-19; however, it’s reasonably appropriate for the general public to be given advance notice for any measure that would directly or indirectly interfere with their daily routines and means of livelihood. Moreover, authorities should adjust to provide public assistance to its national inhabitants for sustenance in case of emergency lockdown.

Philanthropic organizations and individuals are highly encouraged to donate to the public if possible. Members of the opposition circle are urged to welcome the rationale of pausing their differences with the Government and banding together to identify solutions that will save the lives of the people.

Finally, it is essential for everyone to adhere to the advice of requisite authorities and keep safe. May the good Lord Almighty forgive us and save our universe from all forms of calamities.By: Muhammad A. Kromah II
Brooklyn, NY

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