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COVID-19 patient dies in Maryland

Just right after being placed on green stage, Maryland County in southeast Liberia has recorded anew confirmed case of COVID-19, bringing to cases in the county to two. Maryland Chief Medical Officer made the disclosure while speaking on a community radio station via mobile phone in the county. CHO Methodius George said the latest case involves a 70-year-old woman, who came from Wilsonville, Grand KRU County, also in the southeast.

He said the old woman arrived in Maryland on June 12, 2020, was taken to the Pleebo Health Center, and subsequently isolated but her condition couldn’t allow her to stay at the Health Center so she was quickly referred to the Joseph Jenkins Dossen Hospital in Harper City for further medical attention.

At the JJ Dossen Hospital, her specimen was taken and sent to Monrovia, but while awaiting result of the test, the 70 years old died at the health facility on June 22, 2020 CHO George explained that upon receiving her at the health facility, she showed signs and symptoms of the COVID-19.

“We took her specimen seeing the condition and records of Grand KRU having a case, though, their case has been pronounced free, but the result of this 70 years old woman who came from Grand KRU, and specimen was sent to Monrovia has proved positive.

He said though, the county thru its health promotion focus person has been doing well in sensitizing citizens on preventive measures, more awareness needs to carried out to keep residents safe. “Now the county has recorded its second corona virus case, we all need to abide by those health protocols, washing hands regularly, avoid shaking hands, and observing of social distance, among others”.

Dr. George continued that county health teams are proactively working along with previous contact tracers who have already been mobilized to follow up with contact tracing in order to know all those the deceased came in close contact with prior to her demise.

“We have setup contact tracers and we are encouraging citizens to cooperate with those contact tracers to help reduce the spread of the virus in the county. This virus is everybody business, so we all need to work hard to overcome it”, he emphasized.

He urged citizens to continuously observe hands washing and social distancing to stay safe. Maryland County recorded its first case of the COVID-19 on April 24, 2020, involving a student of the Tubman University who came for vacation in Monrovia, but upon return, he was tested positive and isolated for several days at the quarantine center in Peebo District. However, while at the quarantine center undergoing treatment his test results subsequently came negative so he was discharged on May 24, 2020.

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland County

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