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CPP in crises, a Cocktail celebration for CDC

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) is seemingly a government in waiting if, and if only. The fundamental architects of the CPP, Alexander B. Cummings, Alternative National Congress (ANC); Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Liberty Party (LP); Former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, Unity Party (UP) and Benoni W. Urey, All Liberian Party (ALP) are locked in an ongoing systemic political dispute that might cause them reprehensible damage as CDC prepares a one-time cocktail celebration owing to the nonstop crises ruined the CPP,

Allegations and counter-allegations will further devastate the CPP. The disputes have the potential to frustrate, divide, ruin and kill the spirit of its huge followers, growing membership, sympathizers, well-wishers as well as its social-economic sponsors at home and abroad. In politics, deceptions can be very rare and very obvious among political actors.

There is one inevitable fact that all CPP political actors are unique and distinct characters with each being equally qualified to be a Presidential material in his/her right reading from each of them controlled political empires. Interestingly, they all claimed to have a glance at the Promised Land, but how to get to the Promised Land is the fundamental rationale upon which the CPP was birthed in the first place. There is no way the CPP can get to the promised land amid political differences and senseless disputes of allegations and counter-allegations thus creating a delicious evening meal session for CDC’s triumphant political victory sooner than later.

 This begs the question if CPP cannot manage itself, how then can it manage the Promised Land that is filled with honey and milk and its people therein? The Promised Land is currently occupied by President Weah and his die heart followers and well-wishers. They have tasted the sweetness of the Promised Land and know for sure the honey in it. If the CPP thinks the CDC will relinquish the Promised Land so easily on a silver platter without putting up a political fight, the CPP will be desperately mistaken.

The CPP actors are being overshadowed by certain political elusiveness. First, Alexander B. Cummings feels he has the magic numbers on his side to be the next President. Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence feels she has all the Bass people under her wings to become President. Former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai feels he has got all the Unity Party people in his living room who can certainly make him President, and lastly, Benoni W. Urey thinks he has all the Congo people lining up to make him President. This is a huge political hallucination at its peak.

Until CPP can break through these false illusions there will be a turbulent trek ahead of it from many political curves. If the CPP doesn’t put its act together and zero on one candidate, but each actor feels he/she can go solo with the hope of easily defeating President CDC, which is a big lie. Even when the CPP decides to have one candidate to face President Weah, it might be tough, and they might not easily defeat him, because elections by any standards are no longer fair around the whole wide world-America with no exception.  Yes, elections may be transparent, free, and open, but they are no longer fair in all respects. I sincerely think, 2029 could make a difference if nothing changes which may be very impossible-this too in Liberian politics.

The CPP shouldn’t be delusional and wishful. The incumbent has enormous leverage. He is in charge of state resources, he has a commanding influence, he has employed all the election commissioners on his payroll who must return the favor by ragging the elections and a show of loyalty and commitment to him. He will use government fuels and government Radio stations to message his followers and independent voters. He has the power to twist election results as he pleases. The CPP should also know that President Weah was once a victim of electioneering cheating when he cried foul against former President Sirleaf who according to him cheated him in the first and second elections, but yet he accepted it and waited for his time according to President Weah. This is what happened in so-called African politics.

Let us not be flabbergasted by deep delusion, President Weah is 100% ambitious to have a second term to his advantage either by hook or through crooked means in any way possible. It is not only President Weah, but all the African Presidents are just like that. At worst, they would like to die while in office. Why do Liberians think President Weah wanted a dangerous Nigerian, a foreigner to head the Election Commission?

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The answer is simple, to cheat for him because President Weah does not even have trust in any of his election commissioners to turn things around for him come 2023, this could have been one serious reason while he proposed a foreigner to execute his plan with immediate effect. The opposition could win if the CDC government allows the 2023 election to be free and fair, which is 100% impossible due to the President’s very serious ambition to complete his second term as the tradition demands in Africa.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/mo-ali-well-reconcile-cpp/

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