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Cpt. Jerry Kollie frowns at Ziankahn, Samukai

The spokesman for the disbanded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia Captain Jerry Kollie asserts that the recent mismanagement of US$2 million from the compulsory savings account of enlisted AFL soldiers was executed by hierarchy of the army, especially former Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai and ex-Chief of Staff Daniel Ziankahn.

“The Chief of Staff and Minister Brownie Samukai connived for the misuse of the soldiers’ money, how could you be Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of Liberia and allowed Minister Samukai to carry on such an act? I think they both connived and they must be investigated”, says Cpt. Kollie, himself an ex-soldier.

Appearing on Power FM, a local radio station in Monrovia on Wednesday, 24 January he notes that it is about time the new government of President George Weah puts on its thinking cap to pursue corrupt individuals.

“I have come to tell the President [Weah] that the former Defense Minister must be investigated for his actions, because these are things that get Liberia to where it is today.”

According to Captain Kollie, Samukai was not under obligation to use a dime from any soldier’s money lamenting, “You don’t treat soldiers like animals, these are people that sacrificed their lives for the safety of the State, they deserve a better live and if Minister Samukai is not prosecuted others will find it enjoyable.”

“We all supported the Coalition to have a change of government, and I think this first issue that has come must be quickly addressed by the President, by doing this will put other officials on the alert in getting away from corruption.”

He stresses a need to invite new people onboard who will help in building the security sector, saying “We don’t want to sit and start to cry around here. We want the President to put on his working shoes to straighten up the army for the benefit of the country. Look at our neighboring countries like Nigeria, Ghana, including Sierra Leone; they all have well decent armies but only in Liberia.”

Capt. Kollie says President Weah’s appointment of Major General Daniel Ziankahn as Defense Minister is an error noting, “I think the newly appointed Minister of National Defense is too young for the job, he needs more knowledge, and besides, we don’t trust his ability to deliver, because he has already connived with Brownie Samukai to corrupt the soldiers of their hard earned money.”

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He reminds the President to give attention to disbanded security officers lamenting, “because they are Liberians, who are being treated like aliens.” By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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