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The ongoing distribution of hot meals to residents by the Consulate General of India to Liberia has no borders, as even mentally-challenged people in the streets are being fed.

Consulate General Shri Upjit Singh Sachdeva, prepares hot meals each day and takes them into various communitis for distribution in a campaign code-named, “Stay Home, Stay Safe” to assist less fortunate Liberians in the wake of the novel coronavirus fight in the country, mared by lockdown and a State of Emergency.The Government of Liberia declared the lockdown and State of Emergency as part of regulations to ensure social distancing among the population.

On Tuesday, 27 May, Mr. Sachdeva fed several insane people, including 60-year-old ‘Uncle Bill’ on Water Street, a crazy woman stationed at the intersection of Slipway Community and another crazy man on Broad Street in Monrovia, among others.

Beaming with smile after receiving a plate of delicious meal, Bill could no longer hold his appetite, as he gutted several spoon filled of the dish immediately.The meals are being prepared by the Jeety Trading Corporation, owned and operated by the Indian Consulate General, popularly known in Liberia as “Mr. Jeety.”

He runs a chain of stores across Monrovia that specialized in building materials, and dedicated a steel manfucaturing company late last year, in a ceremony that was graced by President George Manneh Weah and his officials.

Uncle Bill, like many of his colleagues, will be fed hot meal daily from the Jeety food distribution team led by Mr. Jeety himself to ease hunger of many during the State of Emergency and lockdown.

The Indian Consulate notes that though the food is for everybody, but specific focus is on people who are mentally-illed because they cannot find food for themselves like other Liberians who are in a right frame of mind.

According to him, during these time of health crisis, he was very much concern about the fate of people suffering mental health who need food to eat but don’t have the ability to find food because of their state of mind.

In a related development, Mr. Jeety’s cooked food also targets several holding cells of the Liberia National Police (LNP) including one situated opposite Old Road community, a Monrovia subburb where food and safe-drinking water were provided inmates there.
He empathizes with the inmates for their situation, hoping that they would be rehabilated and reintegrated into society by the Government of Liberia.

Most of the inmates express gratitude to the Indian Consulate General, who they say is idntifying with them at the time the country is lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has taken thousands of lives across the world, including Liberia.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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