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This picture was recently taken in Vai town.  As seen, the Pen-pen (Motor bike as is called in Liberia) is held by two pedestrians who witnessed the motor bike  struck  another pedestrian on the side walk, and was fleeing the scene.

Witnesses said the motorcycle was being operated recklessly at a high rate of speed on the sidewalk before the driver lost control, and struck the innocent pedestrian.  In an attempt to flee the scene, the motorbike driver abruptly ran on the streets, in front of moving vehicles without observing traffic flow. It was at that time the two men reached the motor bike, and began shouting at him for “hit and run.”

What traffic violations were violated in the process?  What steps are the police taking to curtail such reckless drivers, and driving that could lead to accidents, deaths, and continual traffic congestion in our society?

Are the police putting in place measures, include the issuance of License plates to ensure that motor bike riders are identified in cases of accidents and “hit and run,” and other traffic violations?

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