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Criminals, Hustlers Disappointed on ‘D-Day’

Several criminals and hustlers may have been disappointed and annoyed with the Monrovia City Corporation and others, cemeteries in and around the capital, Monrovia were for the first time given face-lift days before the commemoration of this year’s Decoration Day, declared as a National Holiday throughout Liberia.

Though there was not many graves looted or vandalized by thieves or even used as hideouts for criminals, conditions at various grave sites this year remained extraordinary more than any other decoration day held in recent times.

During this paper’s visit to a number of cemeteries, including Palm Grove located on Lynch, Center and Gurley Streets in Central Monrovia; JCN Howard and Du-port Road in Paynesville; Caldwell New Georgia and Brewerville on the Bushrod Island; Old Road, among others there was discovery of high bushes – something considered unusual.

Bushes or grass which normally take over these cemeteries were all cleared by workers reported to have been hired by the City Government of Monrovia instead of the  relatives, friends and loved ones themselves ahead of yesterday’s Decoration Day. Because of the exercise, many who rushed to these sites early Wednesday morning  to clean-up grave sites before decorating same, could not believed what they saw at  hand.

Though these graves were not painted, the environment created by the Monrovia City Corporation, those of Paynesville, Brewerville and others made it possible for visibility or easy identification of graves by relatives and friends.

Even causal laborers and hustlers, who during such day (Decoration Day) are usually spotted at these cemeteries seeking for work, could not easily find any to do, as they were to some extend disappointed and annoyed by the accomplishments of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) and others.

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Some posted operatives of the MCC, including Yarkpazuo Kollie, Director of Operations for the Urban Renewal Task Force and Ojuku Paye, Grass Cutter expressed the belief that this year’s Decoration Day was far different from the past, suggesting to this paper that indeed casual laborers were hired to do the clearing and cleaning-up of these cemeteries days ahead of the main day (Wednesday).

On Monday, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf proclaimed Wednesday, 13 March 2013 as “Decoration Day” to be observed throughout the country as national Holiday.

The proclamation was in consonance with an Act approved on 24 October, 1916 by the National Legislature, declaring the second Wednesday of March in each year to be known as Decoration Day and observed throughout the Republic as a national holiday.

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