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Criminals, Gangsters Rule Bomi

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Controversial, but bold-speaking Sando Johnson, Former Senator of Bomi County has told elders, chiefs and youths of  Klay District in Bomi County that their county is being led by “criminals and gangsters.”

Former Senator Johnson expressed the belief that because of the criminal posture of those who claim to be leading the people of the county, it was difficult for development to be realized in the area. He made specific reference to  current senators and representatives in the Liberian Legislature.

Johnson, a National Patriotic party stalwart, told Klay citizens that because these officials were only concerned about themselves and their illicit mining and other commercial activities, they did not mean well for the county and its people.

“They must be voted out by you, qualified and registered voters of Bomi County in 2011,” the tough-talking former senator demanded.

The Bomi senatorial aspirant in next year’s polls, laid these harsh words before the feet of the county’s traditional leaders and elders when he addressed  scores of  them at Morgan Farm in Klay District last Friday, 26 November.

“We must be practical here”, Sando advanced furthered, “Ellen and Taylor are my friends, but whenever any of them did wrong or right, it must be said. Some of these critics don’t know what these people and I can be talking every day.”

Sando indicated that projects undertaken in the county were government programs and could not be attributed to any individual (s) or members of the Bomi County leadership.

Interestingly, the US$1.5m palace of House Speaker Alex Tyler current under construction at Marshall Community Junction on the Robertfield highway in Margibi County in which he wants to lay his head before Christmas this year was the subject of discussions among many young people, who attended the ceremony.

Most of them who saw the photo of the mansion and read about it in the New Dawn, believed that such structure should have been built in Bomi, most especially in the strategically located town of Klay, the headquarters of Klay District.

By doing so, it would have worth emulating and attracted competition among sons and daughters of the county, who are working in government or elsewhere. Speaker Alex Tyler represents the people of Klay District  in the House of Representatives, but is yet to justify such representation. He does not even have an office in the District.

He’s yet to complete to complete the renovation of a little structure since January this year. He is reported to have leased from a citizen of the town, just on the main road to Tubmanburg, the county’s capital.

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