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Criminals kill 3 in Bong

Suspected criminals are reported to have killed a taxi driver who resisted the theft of his vehicle, a separate case from two other recent killing incidents attributed to attacks by criminals in Bong County.Our correspondent says the wave of killings by suspected thieves has left residents of Gbarnga to live in fear, as they attribute the killings to alleged armed robbers in the County.Recently, three alleged criminals entered in the Brooklyn Community, attempting to steal a taxi with plate number 290022 which belonged to a commercial driver.The driver was reportedly killed by the suspects during a fight to prevent them from taking his vehicle.

Eyewitnesses say two of the criminals injected the victim with an unknown material when they noticed that he was beating one of their accomplices during a fight over the vehicle.The eyewitnesses told our Bong County correspondent that the taxi driver was pronounced dead before being rushed at the hospital.Another situation of killing is said to have occurred on the Ganta highway when an unknown body was found on Saturday morning, 21 September.It is believed that the unidentified man who is believed to be in his 30s was allegedly shot with a single barrel gun on his side.

Our correspondent says up to press time, police in Gbarnga have not arrested any perpetrator.Meanwhile, some group of armed robbers were reported to have gone on the Demeta Road in Gbarnga and broke into the facility of a local business man, making away with a little over LRD$80,000, three parks of scratch cards and US$250.00.The armed robbers also shot three persons’ legs, and threatened to kill the victims if they refused to give what they (armed robbers) wanted.Three persons including a five – year – old child are currently seeking medical attention.

The situation has brought total fear among residents of Gbarnga with many people promising to become their own security.“I will put my guys together,” Peter Flomo, a resident of Sugar Hill community told told a local radio station.“We are tired of calling on the police; the police are not helping us. They want to allow armed robbers to be killing our people. We must take steps as men in order to save our communities,” he added.

Kamara M. Sheriff a resident of Gbarnga said setting up their own security team in the various communities will be the best option for citizens in the county.“We need to do something about this situation or else, Gbarnga will be overthrown by armed robbers”.Bong County Police Superintendent Fredrick Nappy has traveled to India for undisclosed reasons.

Some community members have planned what they call “Operation Save Gbarnga from Criminals” in an effort to battle against the high rate of criminal activities in the city.Our Correspondent says at specific places in Gbarnga (Methodist bush, Dualla and Bassa Community) people do not walk there once it is 7:00 P.M.At Methodist bush, no one goes there whether day or not, except members of the alleged criminal gang.By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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