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Criminals terrorize Patience Shop Community

Representative J. Gabriel Nyenkan: Is he listening to the cry of his people? Residents of Patience Shop community in Barnesville Township, outskirts of Monrovia alarm of being attacked and robbed by hardened criminals at night.

They crave for the intervention of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to bring their nightmare to an end. The frustrated residents made the plea to reporters on 5 September in Barnesville Township. A spokesman for some affected residents, Sakpa Jacobs, narrates that for months they have lived in serious fear as a result of persistent attacks on peaceful residents by hardened criminals.

He recalls that during some of these attacks, personal belongings, including cell phones and money were stolen by criminals armed with single-barrel guns, cutlasses, and other dangerous objects, which they used to subdue their victims, some of whom sustained injuries.

Jacobs continues that they have complained to their Representative, J. Gabriel Nyenkan to ensure that a police depot is erected in the area to provide security, but are yet to get the lawmaker’s cooperation.

He says if nothing were urgently done to rescue the community from criminals armed with deadly weapons, they would be constrained to protect themselves by whatever means possible, because they can no longer bear the pain from wounds being inflicted on them by criminals.

He warns residents of the area, whose children might be involved in criminal activities, to get them out of the community as they would not hesitate to expose anyone harboring criminals and make sure they are prosecuted in keeping with law.

When the chief spokesperson of the Liberia National Police, Sam Collins, was contacted, he says the LNP would do everything humanly possible to patrol the Patience Shop Community and arrest individuals linked to attacks and robbing of peaceful residents.

By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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