Criminals Threaten Monrovia!

Occupants of the old Europe Bank beneath the Crown Hill and its immediate surroundings have been evicted by the Monrovia City Cooperation (MCC).

Their eviction comes in the wake of numerous complaints by community dwellers in the area that criminal activities in the building was high and needed government’s intervention.

Some of those occupying the building were said to be criminals and drugs addicts who snatched phones and bags.

Some of the alleged criminals have threatened to make the area more terrible and dangerous for residents of the Crown Hill Community and other parts of Monrovia.

“People will see the bad, bad things that will be happening here from now on; since no one living in here now, government will not hold anyone responsible if we jerk someone bag or phone and run in that old house,” one of the evicted occupants said publicly without fear.

Another, in anger, remarked that they were prepared to storm the Crown Hill Community and other parts of Monrovia with criminal activities since they have been removed from their comfortable home.

“We will terrorize this damn city since Mary Broh say she can make us homeless with her so-called cleaning city operations; who the hell she think she is around here; by removing us from this building will not even solve any problem for her; she is only making things worse for the people around here,” an angry gentleman said, knocking his chest.

Some evicted occupants of the old Europe Bank frustratingly assured that the building may now be used as safe-haven for criminals. A member of the family which owns the Building expressed gratitude and joy to Mayor Broh for the eviction exercise, after fruitless efforts by him to have them leave peacefully.

As the MCC evicted occupants of the old Europe Bank building, there ongoing clean-up exercises in other parts of Monrovia, including Carey, Buchanan and Broad Street communities by the corporation. 

Some residents complained that they were removed from their private land and houses without justifiable reasons by government. They called on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to intervene on their behalf and compensate them for their properties which the MCC destroyed.

Acting City Mayor Mary Broh noted that her job is to clean the city and informed government to take the appropriate actions to renovate old buildings around the city. She also emphasized the urgent need for the government to identify owners of abandoned buildings in the city for renovation.

“If building owners cannot renovate them, government can declare eminent domain on such properties”.

Mayor Broh expressed her preparedness to clean up all abandoned buildings and lands in Monrovia, as well as fine those who refused to clean or paint their houses in the city.

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