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CSO admonishes Liberians to adhere to health measures

By Emmanuel Mondaye
As the world battle against Coronavirus, a Liberian Civil Society Organization (CSO), Forest Cry Liberia Inc. is admonishing Liberians to adhere to all health measures introduced by the Government of Liberia (GoL) to stop the spread of the virus.
Forest Cry Liberia Inc. Executive Director Mr. Dickson J. Chowolo made the call in a dispatch dated 2 April.

The dispatch quotes Mr. Chowolo as saying that Liberians should be more proactive by assisting health authorities to educate each other in various parts of the country against Coronavirus.

He calls on Liberians to work together with health authorities to ensure that the message about the virus is understood and implemented.The organization is a member of the Civil Society Organizations of Liberia and engages in advocacy and training, among others.

Given the death toll globally due to the virus, Mr. Chowolo notes that it is important that Liberians adhere to health measures to avoid being infected.Officially there are six confirmed coronavirus cases in Liberia. According to Chowolo, adhering to health measures will not only reduce the spread of the virus, but will also save people’s lives.

He encourages Liberians to always keep their hands clean with sanitizers, soap and water to prevent the spread of the virus to other parts of the country.
Further, Mr. Chowolo calls on other CSOs to join the fight against COVID-19 through information dissemination.

He also calls on government to ensure that measures instituted in the fight against coronavirus are enforced, and to distribute essential materials to Liberians.—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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