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CT Com Liberia boss blasts Information Minister

Kool FM and CT Com Liberia Inc. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Christopher Hayes Onanuga says he is shocked to note that the Ministry of Information is allegedly doing nothing much to address the growing problems confronting the ministry, other than running a smear campaign against reputable media institutions here.

Minister Nagbe’s office was contacted but staff declined comment saying they could not speak for the minister who was out of office.

He told a press conference in Paynesville recently that Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe and his Ministry have designed an alleged scheme wherein documents of some media houses here would be delayed as a means of getting even with them in term of regularizing their operations in the country.
He claims that Minister Nagbe’s smear campaign is against some credible entities that are putting the feet of the government to the fire to ensure that the right things are done so as to encourage investment in the country.

Onanuga indicates that as a businessman and media executive here, he remains committed to exposing the ills at the Ministry of Information which he insists has turned to a reactionary ministry.
Meanwhile, Mr. Onanuga has denied claims in some quarters that he is in possession of government’s properties, allegedly involved in money laundering, and defrauding government entities, terming the accusations as a black lie.

He narrates that in his absence, Minister Nagbe held a media engagement and allegedly made the allegations against him without any truth.Onanuga wonders why he has not been arrested since his return to the country if he was truly involved in money laundering or other acts as alleged by the minister.

He challenges Minister Nagbe to focus on how he can adequately propagate the policies of the government and stop providing fake information to the public about his institution which is a registered business operating in the country.Mr. Onanuga argues that Minister Nagbe cannot show anything tangible that he has done as Minister of Information since he was appointed.

He threatens to take the appropriate action against Minister Nagbe if he fails to prove his false, baseless, and unfounded information released to the public at the appropriate time.
When the office of the Information Minister was contacted, coupled with a visitation to the office of the Deputy for Public Affairs at the Ministry, our reporter was informed by staff there that no one at the ministry could speak to the press on the matter in the absence of the Minister.By Emmanuel Mondaye—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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