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Cuba bemoans damages caused by U.S. sanction

The Cuban Embassy in Monrovia has bemoaned the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United State of America against Cuba for almost six decades, saying it caused the lain American country to lose billions of dollars in revenue.

“The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the Government of United States of America against Cuba for almost six decades is the most unfair, server and extended system of unilateral sanction ever applied against any country,” Mr. Yordenis Despaigne Vera, Charge d’ Affairs of Cuba Embassy says at a press conference Tuesday, 16 October in Monrovia.

According to him, the laws and regulations sustaining the blockade have remained in effect and they are applied with full rigor by American government agencies, especially by the Department of Treasury and Commerce.The Cuban envoy says from April of 2017 until March of 2018, the period with which this report deals, the blockade policy has intensified and it continues to be applied with all rigor.

He laments that the Government of the United States has imposed a serious setback to the bilateral relations with Cuba based on President Donald Trump’s signing of the ‘Presidential Memorandum for National Security about the tightening of US policy against Cuba.

He continues that in November, the Department of Commerce, the Treasury Department issued new regulations and provisions to put into effect the aforementioned memorandum.According to him, the measures applied restricted even further the right of Americans travel to Cuba and also imposed additional obstacles on the limited opportunities of the American business community in Cuba by settling up list of 179 Cuban entities with which American natural and juridical persons are prohibited from carrying out transaction.

“The new sanctions against Cuba have caused a notable decrease in visits from the US and have generated greater obstacles on Cuban companies’ economic and commercial relations with potential American and third country partners,” the Embassy continues.

It says these measure not only affect the Cuban state economy but they also affect the country’s private sector.It says because of the blockade being applied for almost six decades, the accumulated harm reaches US$933,678.000.000, taking into account the depreciation of the dollar as compared to the price of gold on the international market.

Cuba says the blockade has caused damage that can be calculated at over US$134,499,800,000.“The Cuban health system has suffered serious repercussion due to the policy of the blockade against Cuba, derived from the difficulties in acquiring medicines, reagents, instruments, spare parts for medical equipment and all the other consumables needed for the sector to function,” Cuba laments further.It says all of these must be purchased in faraway markets and, on many occasions, with the use of intermediaries.

By Ben P. Wesee–Edited by Winston W. Parley


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