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Cuba expresses gratitude to Liberian media

The Charge d’Affaires at the Cuban Embassy near Monrovia Mr. TorrentsDespaigne Vera has expressed gratitude to the Liberian media forthe working relationship between the embassy and the local media.

The Cuban Envoy was speaking to a group of journalists on Friday, 31March at the Cuban Embassy in Congo Town in observant of the Cuban Press Day which was celebrated on 14 March.

He said the Cuban Embassy decided to celebrate the day with Liberianjournalists on 31 March. The Vice president of the Press Union ofLiberia or PUL, Mr. Octavin Williams commended the Cuban Governmentfor working with the Liberian press and assured embassy staff that the Liberian media was always willing to work with the Cubans.

The Cuban Press Day is set aside to celebrate the launch of the first Cuban newspaper, the Patria, founded by Jose Marti came on March 14, 1892. “With the death of Jose Marti, the Cuban National hero, the Newspaperdedicated an impression to his figure and Enrique Jose Varona wasappointed as the new Director “, He said.

Cubans have celebrated March 14 each year as its national press day tohonor the date of the appearance of this important newspaper since theearly years of the 1990s.
By Ethel ATweh-Editing by Winston W. Parley


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