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Cummings Chief of Office Staff Tukpah resigned

Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpah, the Chief of Office Staff to Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader Alexander B. Cummings has resigned his post following the publication of excerpts of a book purported to be a biography of President George Weah.

Mr. Cummings had asked Tukpah to step aside after excerpts of the book, which purported to give personal explicit accounts of the president were being circulated on social media.

The ANC Leader: “This morning, I asked for and received the immediate resignation of my Chief of Office Staff, Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpah.

This is despite the fact that a book which is the object of my concern was written long before Isaac joined our team. Since joining the team, Mr. Tukpah has served with diligence and professionalism, and I have come to respect and admire his work. My decision was not taken lightly because I value Isaac’s works and contributions.

However, the standards of alternative leadership for our country that we have set for ourselves, now and in the future, are particularly higher than usual, and we are determined to maintain it. It means we must stand with all those who are right, when they are right, even if they are not our friends, and refuse to stand with those who are wrong, even if they are our friends and workmates.

I will continue to do so because this is the example of the quality of leadership that our country desperately needs to change course, and improve the lives of Liberians.

The book, co-authored by Mr. Tukpah, reveals an alleged discussion by a husband, Mr. George Weah of his wife.

The revelation of the alleged discussion exposes a deviant behavior in our society in the continuous disrespect and denigration of girls and women; I find the publication of the alleged discussion to be an error of judgment which in itself has the effect of enabling and fueling such reprehensible behaviors of men disrespecting women.

This certainly does not excuse the alleged disrespectful and privately invasive discussion by a husband of his wife, which I find to be disgraceful and offensive.

In our response to the President’s SONA, I spoke about the need to cleanse the soul of our nation. As leaders, and especially as men, on issues of gender and equality of women, which stains the nation’s soul, it falls upon all of us, especially men, to be good examples for those younger than us who look up to us, beginning in our own families.

We must always show the highest consideration and respect for women and girls, especially our wives.

I can only hope that the alleged discussion, by our now President, as revealed in the book about his wife is not true. If it is, it is unacceptable, distasteful and a bad example, which should not be tolerated.”


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