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Cummings cleared of tampering?

ANC demands publication of Committees report

A leaked document has revealed that opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader Alexander B. Cummings has been cleared of all wrongdoing by the committee investigating the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Framework Document alleged tampering.

But sources close to the opposition establishment of four political parties of which ANC is a constituent party, say there are attempts by the CPP to sweep the findings under the carpet and project CPP’s newly inducted chairperson Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai as a peacemaker.

However, the ANC remains very persistent in its demand for CPP to make the findings public, filing a formal request before Mr. Boakai to demand the release of the findings to CPP structures and constituent parties, especially the ANC which stands accused through public comments attributed to Mr. Benoni Urey and Senator Nyonblee Karnga – Lawrence.

The investigation was launched after Mr. Urey was reported to have complained to the CPP leadership, alleging that he had received cogent information from impeachable sources that portions of the CPP framework document filed with the National Elections Commissions (NEC) had been allegedly altered by some nefarious individuals within the CPP hierarchy.

But the ANC rejected the accusation against its political leader, and instead, accused Urey of making unfounded claims and wild allegations that he knew were “false and inaccurate.”

A letter in the possession of the NewDawn dated 19 October 2021 shows that ANC is demanding that the investigative findings be made public.

In the letter addressed to CPP chairman Amb. Boakai, ANC Chairman Senator Daniel Naatehn opined that it has come to ANC’s attention that subject to the ongoing Framework saga, the lawyers have responded since last Thursday, 14 October 2021 to a written request sent to them by former CPP chairperson Senator Nyonblee Karnga – Lawrence.

However, ANC said none of the CPP structures, which include the National Advisory Council (NAC), National Executive Committee, and the Secretariat, has been informed of these developments, nor given copies of these letters as is the practice.

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“As a constituent party of the CPP, the Alternative National Congress is represented on all of these structures to ensure smooth flow of information between the CPP and our Executive Committee,” the ANC said.

It stated that the allegations of “nefarious alterations” and “fraudulent inclines” to the Framework document made by Mr. Urey of the All Liberian Party (ALP) and repeated by Senator Karnga – Lawrence of the Liberty Party are of grave concern to ANC’s Executives, partisans and the general public.

ANC warns that any attempt at concluding this issue should be done with transparency and openness to the parties and the public as have been the allegations.

“Therefore, the ANC finds it alarming that the communication to the lawyers and the lawyer’s response [has] not been shared with the structures of the CPP of the respective parties, including the ANC which stands accused,” the party said further.

“As such, we write to officially request confirmation of the existence of these letters and submission of copies of both letters which include the request letter from CPP and the response from the lawyers,” ANC added.

It noted that it expects that CPP will provide copies to ANC by Thursday, 21 October 2021 as the same is a reasonable time for such a request.

“We look forward to working with you during your tenure and ensuring that the CPP remains united and a responsible opposition body,” it concluded.

Quizzed about the unfolding event and the demand being made by the ANC, Sen. Karnga-Lawrence told the New Dawn that the CPP now has a new chair and therefore all inquiries should be directed at him.

“We have the new chair of the CPP he will act on the framework allegations moving forward,” she said.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/cpp-lies-and-deception/

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