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Cummings defeats constituency debate

-As Grebo United in Southeast endorses his presidential bid

By Lincoln G. Peters

Opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) stander bearer Mr. Alexander B. Cummings over the weekend laid to rest and defeated the controversial constituency debate against his presidential bid.

On Saturday, 19 November 2022, a group under the banner Grebo United for Cummings 2023 officially endorsed Mr. Cummings’ presidential bid at the Clara Town sports pitch in Montserrado electoral district #14.

Grebo United for Cummings 2023 includes Grebo residents from Sinoe, Grand Kru, Maryland, River Gee, and Montserrado Counties who are residing in Montserrado district #14.

According to Mr. Cummings, the endorsement of his presidential bid by his ethnic people has defeated the lazy argument that he has no constituency.

The opposition leader described it as a great and serious warning to those who have been living in that darkness.

In his response to the endorsement by several of his kinsmen, the CPP standard bearer noted that he is overwhelmed.

He added that he was excited that his people had endorsed him, saying he is ready to provide better life and opportunity for all Liberians.

“You know this nonsense talk about Cummings not having constituents has been brought to bed. We are showing them today and will show them every day that we get constituents in Maryland, River Gee, Grand Kru, Sione, and everywhere in Liberia,’’ Mr. Cummings noted.

“Today is a great day and so I want to thank everybody for showing up. They have a saying that goes like this: ‘If the house doesn’t sell you, the street won’t buy you,’’’ he said. 

“And today my people are selling me to the Liberian people. And I want to thank the Grebo people. We are family and you see your own. We are open to embracing every and all Liberians who want to work and change this country,’’ the CPP political leader stated.

He further indicated that Liberia is too rich for its people to be poor as they are today.

He said in the Southeast like many other counties, they have beautiful beaches, lakes, mountains, and many other natural resources, but the counties and the country at large are poor and backward.

Mr. Cummings vowed to transform Maryland and the entire Southeast of Liberia when allowed to serve as president.

“We will transform Maryland. We will build the southeast. We will develop the Ports of Harper, [and] Greenville. We will make Tubman University a great institution in Liberia,” Cummings said. 

“We will change Liberia because the Grabo people will support their son. I also want you to know, that I will be president for all Liberians,’’ Mr. Cummings promised.

The CPP leader said people don’t choose their tribes, gender, sex, and religion, therefore, under his administration as president, all Liberians will have access to equal opportunities.

He said what they will do with the opportunity is what will determine whether they are successful or not.

Mr. Cummings’ endorsement program brought together several residents, community leaders, youths, women, girls, students, civil society, and religious and traditional leaders of the community. 

The program was dominated by the Grebo ethnic group from Sione, Maryland, River Gee, and Grand Kru Counties.

After several displays and excitement from supporters on the field, Mr. Cummings along with his team, including his wife Mrs. Therese Cummings, Amb. Lewis Brown, George Wishner, and Dr. Togar McIntosh among others, were seen coming from Doe Community with a huge crowd.

Dressed in a black coat and white shirt which was covered with a traditional rapper, Mr. Cummings was presented with coal nut and paper.

It is a Grebo traditional way of welcoming and demonstrating love for guests.

The gathering was a center of attraction over the weekend.

Thousands of supporters as well as well-wishers were dressed in white T-shirts with Mr. Cummings’ photo.

They chanted slogans: ‘y’all leave us oh la Cummings we want;’ Liberia deserves better;’ and Mr. Cummings is the man for better Liberia,’’ among others.

Addressing the crowd, Mr. Cummings said the Grebo tribe is called warrior and it’s because Grebo people don’t take nonsense from anybody.

He said Grebo people say what they mean, and mean what they say, adding that he is grateful for the love and support showed by his kinsmen.

According to him, the endorsement is a symptom of showing to the Liberian people that they are willing and ready to support their son, brother, uncle, and father.

The CPP leader noted that he will change Liberia for the betterment of all Liberians so that they can be productive citizens.

In their endorsement statement, the Grebo United for Cummings 2023 said it is its responsibility to support and defend the cause of its native vernacular just as other citizens of Liberia.

“In this vein, we like to tell the Liberian people and to assure you, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, that we are ever ready, resolved, and prepared to go the extra mile in working with you until you achieve this worthy cause to revive, redeem, and set our nation on a new pedestal of genuine economic growth, development, and prosperity,’’ the group chairman Pastor Peter T. Gbarbo said.

According to him, as a Grebo people, they pledge their commitment and unflinching support and endorse Mr. Cummings’ presidential bid for 2023.

“Going forward, we are determined and highly motivated hereafter to embark on a tour of the four counties to further mobilize our compatriots to consolidate our resolve to making you Mr. Cummings the next president of Liberia,” said Mr. Gbarbo.

“We intend to engage these tours beginning superficially with Jeadepo people in Sinoe County, then the people of Grand Kru, Maryland, and finally River Gee and Sinoe,’’ Mr. Gbarbo assured.    


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