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Cummings dreams of CPP victory

As ANC re-elects him standard-bearer

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), constituent party Alternative National Congress (ANC) standard-bearer Alexander B. Cummings believes the CPP will resolve its differences in the interest of Liberians and win the 2023 presidential election to make President George Manneh Weah a one-term president.

“After our victory in 2023 – because we will win the CPP nomination to make President Weah a one-term president – every new daybreak in our country will be another day we will work as best as we can to change the living conditions of all Liberians,” Mr. Cummings said in his acceptance speech Wednesday, 29 September at ANC’s convention.

If elected, he said under a CPP – led administration, all Liberians at home and abroad, regardless of tribe, religion, or gender, will be welcomed with open arms to a new day of working together, and to equally share not just Liberia’s problems and hard work but also Liberia’s solutions and riches.

“Kpelle Liberians, Kru Liberians, Mano Liberians, Gio Liberians, Bassa Liberians, Grebo Liberians, Sarpo Liberians, Krahn Liberians, Mandingo Liberians, Congau Liberians, Gola Liberians, Gbandi Liberians, Kissi Liberians, Lorma Liberians, Via Liberians, Mendi Liberians, Belle Liberians, Dey Liberians, Christian Liberians, Muslim Liberians …., we will welcome you with open arms to a new day of working together,” said Cummings.

Mr. Cummings, who remains one of the CPP forces at the center of the incessant conflict rocking the opposition bloc, used his ANC convention speech to suggest that the fact that you hear CPP disagrees, has led some to believe the CPP will fail.

According to him, the CPP internal disagreement has led some to believe that President Weah will be returned to Office in 2023. 

“Today, I want you to know that the ANC is not leaving the CPP. We will resolve our differences in the interest of the Liberian people,” he assured.

Addressing recent reports of mysterious killings in Liberia, Mr. Cummings noted that words cannot express the tremendous grief the nation is experiencing over the tragedies of the past months. 

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He said as a people and a nation, they are stunned and mourn the tragic loss of lives, expressing deepest sympathies to the victims, their families, and friends. 

He suggested that there is also an urgent need for all political leaders of the CPP and all opposition leaders to come together to make a joint statement in demand of justice here. 

“We must stand up for our people and work together to ensure the security for all Liberians,” he added.

The ANC standard bearer recalled that 174 years ago, Liberia announced to the world a new nation, but he observed that internally, Liberia was divided and troubled.

Externally, he added, Liberia was threatened and dependent. But 174 years later, he insisted, Liberians are still divided and troubled, and they continue to depend on other nations to feed the citizenry here and even to pay officials of government, and civil servants. 

“This is not because our country is poor. It is because those we have trusted to manage our country’s riches have managed it poorly, only taking care of themselves, their families, and their friends, and leaving the rest of the country to suffer,” Mr. Cummings argued.

He promised that if elected president, he would bring honor by example to public service where public servants will work for the public and not for themselves. 

“We promise to build a new and better future not by depending on others, but by depending on ourselves to do the right things the right way,” Cummings continued.

Cummings stated that the young people here deserve better opportunities for employment and empowerment, but he wondered how a better future for Liberia can be built without investing in Liberian youth who own the future.

“Doctors, nurses, teachers, military and paramilitary personnel, civil servants – all deserve better salaries and wages. Those who honorably serve their country and are now retired deserve better service and care from their country,” he said.

The ANC standard bearer said after beating President Weah in 2023 presidential pools, “kro-kro-gee BISNAY FINI,” using Liberian parlance to suggest that dishonesty in public service will finish under a CPP government.

“You-know-who-I-am BISNAY FINI… Lying to the people BISNAY FINI… Who-know-you BISNAY FINI… Monkey work baboon draws BISNAY FINI… Boy child can go to school but girl child can’t go to school BISNAY FINI…,” he added.

Cummings noted that because he believes in real change and he knows that ANC is ready to lead that change, he is proud and very thankful, to accept the democratic expression of the partisans of the Alternative National Congress, assembled in the Extraordinary National Convention, to allow him proudly bear the ANC’s Standard against others in the CPP.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/cpp-has-a-greater-chance/

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