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Cummings extends Ramadan greetings to Muslims

The leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress Mr. Alexander B. Cummings extends sincere compliments and greetings to the Muslim community in Liberia as they go through the Holy Month of Ramadan, offering prayers and sacrificing for Allah’s merciful blessings upon families, and people of Liberia.

In a special statement here, Mr. Cummings praises Almighty Allah and notes that it is a great honor to identify and recognize the celebration of the Month of Ramadan by Muslims worldwide.

“Liberia, a secular state, believes in the basic principles of religious freedom and tolerance. We are committed to the peaceful coexistence of all Liberians for the purpose of national unity and growth”, the ANC leader says.

He notes that Muslims in Liberia has, through the past years, proven to be committed and devoted to their faith, no matter what the conditions of the day might be, saying “We are quite aware that many of you are going through significant challenges to observe your month of fast and prayers, especially, in the face of these challenging times.”

Mr. Cummings then prays that Almighty Allah strengthens all Muslims as they go through the month of Ramadan and bestows his blessings on the country.

A devote Christian himself, the ANC Leader is an ardent supporter of religious tolerance and diversity. He is also noted for identifying with Muslims during Ramanda thru sharing of food and gifts. by Jonathan Browne


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