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Cummings Foundation commits US$150,000 to coronavirus fight

By Jonathan Browne

The Cummings Africa Foundation has committed US$150,000, as its initial contribution to the ongoing fight against the resurgence of the coronavirus in Liberia.

The head of the Foundation, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, who is also the leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress announced the commitment Thursday, July 1, 2021, in a statement released in Monrovia.

He says the amount doubles the US$75,000 the Foundation provided in food and household materials across the country during the lockdown last year, pledging that the Cummings Foundation will continue to do what it can in helping the citizenry during these difficult times, and will assist as best as possible the government in its current response to the pandemic.

“As I speak, the Foundation is moving quickly to purchase, and hurriedly provide to hospitals, much-needed medical supplies like oxygen, drugs, masks, gloves, gowns, oximeters, cleaning supplies, and hand-washing buckets. So far, we have provided oxygen for 50 tanks to Catholic Hospital and procured 20 tanks and 20 regulators for CH Rennie hospital to be delivered this weekend. These are immediate needs we decided to address while the procurement of other materials takes time”, Mr. Cummings says.

He discloses the Foundation has a three-fold approach in the current fight, firstly; it is providing support to some public and private hospitals, secondly, working with community leaders, civil society organizations, and the media to increase public awareness and messaging especially around prevention. “We have already released a jingle, flyers with simple messages, and working on a skit for our community radio stations.  As these are life-saving messages and public awareness campaigns, I am asking the media, which has been very helpful, to please continue to do their part.”

Thirdly, and most importantly, he says the Foundation is trying to help the government succeed in this effort by regularly updating the authorities on what it is doing, and recommend additional steps, as required, to be taken by the government to seriously fight the virus, stop the spread, and end the infections in the country.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cummings reveals that in the next few weeks and months, he will be heard often along with others about the virus and what needs to be done in helping each other survive, treat the sick and infected, and end the spread across the country.

“I will be calling on friends and business partners for help. I will be calling on Liberians in the diaspora to rally around because we have to give ourselves the best chance to succeed and save each other lives by seriously committing to do our part – to do the things we need to do for ourselves, and for each other. I am sure people will help us, but we have to first help ourselves”, he emphasizes.

He encourages citizens to not forget to wear masks at all times, wash hands regularly, avoid crowded places or observe social distancing, go to the hospital if they feel sick, take the  COVID test and vaccine.

While visiting the United States of America recently, Mr. Cummings offered his services to the Weah administration in fighting the new wave of COVID-19 cases in the country; something, President Weah has welcomed immediately.


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