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Cummings goes ‘gutter’ on Weah

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Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) standard bearer Mr. Alexander Cummings has cautioned Liberians ahead of the 2023 elections that President George Manneh Weah is a misfit and a disgrace, undeserving of a second term. 

Cummings who also heads the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) has accused President Weah of complicity and links with various armed groups in Liberia’s 14 years of brutal civil war.

The ex-business executive – turned- politician lamented that the war in which Mr. Weah allegedly had links with various armed groups, killed a quarter million of the population and displaced thousands of citizens into refugee camps. Though he provides no evidence to substantiate his claims against Weah.

Mr. Cummings’ comments are in response to President Weah’s recent letter accusing the CPP leader and other opposition leaders of continuous fearmongering, seeking to prematurely cast aspersions on the sanctity of the electoral process.

President Weah insisted that Cummings’ reference to a bill voted on by the Liberian Senate to change elections magistrates did not emanate from the Executive Branch, nor does it have its support.

“Let me remind you and other members of Liberia’s traditional elitist political class that, in spite of the political, economic, and humanitarian carnage you have caused for over a century and still feel an uncanny entitlement to the Office I now occupy: I assumed leadership through a peaceful, democratic, free, and fair process in which the PEOPLE OF LIBERIA gave me an overwhelming mandate – an election that you participated in and received a dismal seven (7%) percent vote of rejection,” President Weah told Mr. Cummings.

But Cummings fired back saying Weah’s five years of leadership is characterized by rampant corruption and broken promises.

He said Weah’s leadership reflects also on his dubious role in the civil war, claiming that the president has hurt more Liberians, especially the poor and destitute, rather [than] helping them.

The CPP political leader claimed that credible reports revealed that President Weah provided nearly US$200,000.00 to rent fishing boats, purchase arms and ammunition and food supplies for the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL) and the Liberia United for Reconciliation and Development (LURD).

He said these two warring factions fought imprisoned former President Charles Taylor’s National Patriotic Front of Liberia in Sinoe County.

Cummings disputed the President’s claim that he is non-violent and peaceful, saying there is also credible proof that he supported and facilitated MODEL rebels’ travels from Ivory Coast to Sinoe County to combat the NPFL during which countless Liberians were killed and thousands displaced in refugee camps.

The CPP Standard Bearer said Weah’s visits to refugee camps in Ghana’s Buduburam camps were to foster his long-held ambition for the presidency as was revealed by former President Charles Taylor, whose unconstitutional removal he supported.

 “After fueling the Crisis, which led to massive refugees in Buduburam, were your visits to refugee camps really about the Liberian people or to paint yourself as savior, in furtherance of your political agenda,” Cummings’ letter to Weah said.

He added that it’s unthinkable that the President or anyone who visited refugee shelters, deserves to be rewarded over other Liberians or in the case of the President to continue to rule, in spite of glaring evidence of his failed leadership and broken promises to the Liberian people.

Cummings said President Weah’s plea to Liberians to ignore his current failures, and reflect on his kindness of yesteryears as the bases for his re-election, amounts to a child who has miserably failed and asked the teacher to pass him.

“Asking the country to ignore your current failures and remember your kindness of yesteryears so that you can get undeservedly reelected is like a child asking the teacher to pass him, although his performance and grades do not allow it, only because few years ago, he drew water for the teacher is absurd,” Cummings said.

He said President Weah does not deserve another six years, due to his gross ineptitude and persistent violation of the sanctity of the Presidency.

Cummings said consistent U.S. Government reports of pervasive corruption and subsequent sanctions against three of President Weah’s key officials have ruined the country’s image and smeared the reputation of the presidency.

He said the President’s five years administration is now branded as a cabal of thieves, which according to Mr. Cummings is hurtful and disturbing to all well-meaning Liberians, including the poor and destitute.

He said instead of the President taking tougher action against the sanctioned officials to dissuade the impression by implication and perception that he is derelict or complicit, the President’s response is rather weak, inadequate and ineffective.

He argued that President Weah’s response has implicated the presidency in the unacceptable perception of being corrupt.

According to Mr. Cummings, the President’s constitutional appointing and dismissing power does not require the right to due process, as all cabinet and public officials serve at his will and pleasure.

Cummings reminded Mr. Weah that the Presidency is among the most sacred and respected institutions and that any acts diminishing its esteemed status amount to disgracing the Liberian nation.


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