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Cummings lays out anti-corruption plans

Mr. Alexander Cummings, Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), and Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has outlined his plans to fight corruption here when elected president in 2023.

Cummings stated that as part of his plan to punish any public officials who will indulge in any form of corruption will restitute said stolen amount.

Speaking to Liberians at a town hall meeting in Canada recently, the CPP standard bearer asserted that the CDC-led government headed by President Weah has not done much in combating corruption because he and his officials are deeply involved in this unwholesome act, stressing “The sanction placed on three top officials in his government by America is the basis for my assertion.”

“Under my watch, corrupt officials will be made to restitute all stolen monies in their possession and said funds will be redeployed in the economy for the benefit of the ordinary Liberian citizens; unlike the current regime, I will not accept or make excuses for any public official who will be caught in acts of corruption”, Cummings assured Diaspora Liberians in Canada.

He pointed out that his government will endeavor to pay all civil servants a living wage as part of plans to end corruption in Liberia. He opined that what is currently being paid to them as monthly wage is far too low and cannot sustain them for the entire month considering the hike in the prices of essential commodities, stressing “low wages are recipes for corruption.”

The CPP Standard Bearer vowed to undo the ill-fated Salary Harmonization Policy instituted by the Weah administration, which reduced the monthly wages of civil servants while a few government officials get more from the national budget than much-needed programs like agriculture that would create jobs and improve food security in the country.

He averred that the purpose of the running of government is not to serve as employer as is being done by the current leadership. He said as President, his administration will create the enabling environment to boost private sector investment and growth, which in return will create job opportunities for the citizens.

The opposition leader also informed Liberians who attended the hybrid virtual and in-person town hall meeting that as part of plans to end corruption in Liberia, he intends to remove unnecessary bureaucracies in the business sector by simplifying rules and regulations governing the sector to improve investments. According to him, creating unnecessary bottlenecks through the creation of complicated regulations and procedures creates room for corruption.

“As President, I will also set the anti-corruption tone from the top by leading and setting the right examples for all officials to follow because a fish rots from the head”, Cummings said, adding: “I cannot hold others accountable if I cannot also be held accountable by all others.”

We will properly and adequately fund integrity and anti-corruption institutions and let them do their work without interference from the President. They will follow the evidence and whoever is caught will be prosecuted and punished”, the CPP Standard Bearer concluded.


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