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Cummings life is at risk

-ANC claims

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The opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) has expressed fears here that their political leader Mr. Alexander B. Cummings life is at risk at his present quarantine center where he is being monitored for 14 days upon his return from the Bahamas over the weekend for a possible Corona Virus symptom.

Government has made a mandatory for anyone arriving in the country to undergo a 14 day quarantine. Though here have been some violations by government officials.

In a message to this paper Tuesday, Mr. Cummings’Chief of Staff Mariah, said the Government through the Liberian National Police Deputy Director Marvin Sackor has continued to harass her boss even at the quarantine center.

Mr. Cummings was compelled to be quarantined at the government held center, after an initial green light from officials of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) that he could self-quarantined at home upon his arrival here.

Mr. Cummings aide said despite her boss’ security details following all of the protocols prescribed by NPHIL, staff and being in full compliance with no risks to their families, as they monitor the activities around the quarantine center, the Police Deputy Director insisted that they (security) get off the premises on Monday night, to which they refused.

According to her, the securities had argued that they could not leave their boss alone at the center.
Their refusal to leave the quarantine area prompted the Deputy Police Chief to have them quarantine as well.
“Today, the harassment continued and they have quarantined 2 of his securities in the same center. His life is at risk as it is now completely in the hands of a reckless and irresponsible government which sees him as their main rival. They can do anything to eliminate a formidable competitor and we cannot let that happen,” she alarmed.

When contacted Police spokesperson Moses Carter confirmed that Mr. Cummings security was ordered quarantined by the Deputy Police Director Sackor, after he entered the place where Mr. Cummings is being quarantined.
He said the fact that the security entered the quarantine center, left the deputy police director with no option but to order him quarantine.

Mr. Carter said if Mr. Cummings does not trust the police he should make that known rather than having bodyguards at the center with him.Mr. Cummings returned home on March 22, after traveling to the Bahamas to attend the Board Meeting of a Fortune 500 Com¬pany on whose board he serves as a membe¬r.He returned to Monrovia after a week in Gh¬ana. Party officials said Mr. Cummings was keenly aw¬are of the conditions of the health inf¬rastructure, and yet, very proud and con¬fident of the experi¬ences of the men and women on the front¬line of the fight ag¬ainst the deadly Cor¬onavirus Disease.

The party said prior to his return home, he engaged wi¬th authorities at the National Public Health Institute (NPH¬IL), and availed hi¬mself to be quaranti¬ned.The party explained that authorities of NPHIL had inspected Mr. Cummings’ premises, and had advised self¬-quarantine and regu¬lar monitoring visi¬ts, as his presenting condition necessit¬ated.

“However, being in relatively good he¬alth and continuing to strictly observe the announced safety and preventive mea¬sures, Mr. Cummings welcomed the unexpla¬ined and abrupt cha¬nge in the decision to now have him quar¬antined in a public facility,” the party said in a release.

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