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Cummings makes job creation top priority

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, says a top priority of his administration will be to create jobs for the thousands of jobless Liberians, through massive infrastructural development and repairs.

Cummings said fixing major infrastructures including roads, attracting foreign investments, and investing hugely in agriculture, will certainly help resuscitate the ailing economy, which will create the needed jobs to alleviate the extreme suffering and poverty in Liberia.

He made the assertion during an interview with a Kenya-based radio in Nairobi on Tuesday, February 15.

The CPP Standard Bearer vowed to build and institute systems and processes that will transform Liberia into a prosperous nation, where all Liberians irrespective of Political affiliations, will enjoy equal rights and opportunities in keeping with the law.

“A CPP Government will embrace all Liberians. It will be a win-win, a government of inclusion, where I will be President of Liberia and not for any one Political Party,” Cummings told journalists in Nairobi.

Responding to questions on how he would avoid the reoccurrence of corruption and poverty so endemic in Liberia, Mr.  Cummings said a CPP administration will engage the hearts and minds of Liberians, using all available means of communication and institutions to help people think differently about themselves and about their country, which will require every Liberian to be transparent and accountable in their dealings.

The CPP Standard Bearer vowed to lead by example, and that he will not engage in any acts of corruption, because he said God has blessed him with enormous wealth and resources, not to be tempted to steal.

He said with his enviable skills, vast corporate experience of fixing things, building qualified and competent teams, and inspiring new leadership style, Liberia will become prosperous and a better place for all Liberians.

Also responding to questions about the credibility and fairness of the October 10, general elections, Mr. Cummings said considering the huge associated risk, the CPP would institute series of measures and actions including the hiring and training of poll watchers and staff, to fully monitor the process aimed at ensuring the votes of Liberians is reflected in the results of the elections.


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