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Cummings makes rally calls against re-electing Weah

The Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Cummings has cautioned Liberians about the grave consequences of repeating past mistakes to elect President George Weah for a second term.

Mr. Cummings said such mistake would further worsen the deteriorating economic conditions, increase the suffering of the vast majority and subject more Liberians to extreme poverty and dehumanizing conditions.

Cummings said the five years of President Weah’s leadership have been characterized by gross mismanagement of the economy, massive corruption, and dysfunctional institutions, which have failed to attract direct foreign investments and create jobs.

In an interview with Truth Radio FM on State of the nation talkshows, Thursday, August 18, Cummings said Liberia is likely to become a failed state unless Weah’s regime is replaced with a more credible leadership to stop the rampant stealing, the wanton killings and mysterious disappearances of peaceful citizens.

He made reference to the U.S Government’s sanctions on three senior officials of the Weah administration as indications of the international community’s impatience with the continuous public stealing and gross mismanagement of the country’s resources and must therefore not be allowed to continue unabated.

He said the culture of stealing with impunity and failing to hold public officials accountable, must stop, to ensure the country’s resources benefit all Liberians.

He said Liberia needs serious transformation to put in system, processes, rules and regulations that will hold public officials accountable and penalize them for official misconduct and outright stealing of public resources.

The ANC Political Leader said when elected, he would empower and support integrity institutions including the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, and the General Auditing Commission, grant them autonomous status and the required independence to fully function in keeping with their statutory responsibilities.

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He vowed against political interference or any form of witch-hunt in holding current or past public officials for alleged crimes committed.

Responding to questions about what makes him different from other politicians in the Presidential race, Cummings said he’s the best prepared to grow the economy, attract direct foreign investment and create the much-needed jobs based on his outstanding international record when he served as President of Coa- cola Global managing over U$2 billion assets.

Cummings said he would apply the same corporate management skills and experience and ensure the best, the most qualified and competent Liberians are selected for public office, irrespective of their political or religious affiliations, to change Liberia into a prosperous nation.

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