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Cummings Questions NEC Credibility

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings has questioned the credibility of the National Elections Commission (NEC), in ensuring free, fair and transparent general elections comes October 10, 2023.

Cummings said considering the capacity of the NEC, unavailability of adequate finances, and its timetable leading to General and Presidential elections, he is concerned about potential risks to the country’s democracy.

NEC revised electoral dates set March 20 to May 11, 2023, as Voters’ Registrations, August 5 to October 8, for national campaign, with the transition to the new Biometric Registrations and voting this year.

The CPP Standard Bearer said added to the risk is the nearly failed and unpredicted national census, conducted by the Liberian Government to establish the national population of Liberia, is indeed of serious concern for the outcome of the 2023 elections results.

Cummings said a special team of professional Liberians and experts have embarked on major study of the processes leading to the general and presidential elections, and based on its findings and recommendations, the CPP would issue a major policy statement regarding the conduct and outcome of the 2023 elections.

He said the prevailing circumstances and conditions at the NEC, reflect gross incompetence and ineptitude of the National government of President George Weah.

Cummings said what is obtaining at the NEC regarding the conduct of 2023 General and Presidential elections should claim the attention of all Liberians including opposition politicians to rally together and not compete in dire efforts, to protect the country’s hard-won democracy.

The CPP Standard Bearer made the observation, Tuesday, January 17, when he spoke on Truth FM, “State of the Nation” radio program, which was relayed on four other radio stations nationwide.

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Cummings spoke on a wide range of national issues from ensuring maximum security and border protections, Job creation, resuscitation of the economy, ensuring respect and adherence to law, upholding all concessionary agreements, improvements and provisions of basic social services, and decentralization of government administration.

Cummings said a CPP government will

ensure a functional decentralization of government operations, delegating responsibilities to County authorities to exercise control over resources management, for maximum benefit to the rural inhabitants.

He said with qualified, competent, and efficient Liberians placed in positions of trust in government, Liberia has greater potential to prosper, and all its citizens will equally share in the enormous wealth God has bestowed on this country.

The CPP Standard Bearer vowed to lead by example and will not hesitate to ensure the full force of the law on anyone, who acts contrary to the norms of good governance.

Cummings spoke about his enviable world record, working and managing millions of dollars, which he hopes to apply in resuscitating the country’s ailing economy, to create much-needed jobs, especially for the thousands of unemployed youths.

He urged Liberians not to give up hope, and instead, pleaded with Liberians for their active participation in the processes leading to the October elections this year.

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