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Cummings rallies young people: Eat money, wear T-shirts But…

By Lewis S Teh

The leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) Mr. Alexander B Cummings tells scores of first-time voters here to eat any money that will be dashed around by the ruling government or any other politician, but vote for the right candidate that will change the country.

“Ehn your know elections coming; the government and other people will bring money, and T-shirts but I tell y’all to eat their Money, wear their T-shirts and vote the right people that will change this country”, he says.

Speaking over the weekend in the township of Caldwell on Bushrod Island when he met with scores of first-time voters in a rally, Mr. Cummings continued, “All of you first-time voters, if you don’t vote these people out, your suffering will continue; if you must change your life, you need to register and vote.”

He vows to work with the young people, promising “We will not let you down, and we will not disappoint you as long you willingly decide to support us.”

This is the ANC leader’s first public engagement with first time voters ahead of the 2023 elections.

Mr. Cummings, who faces criminal charges in court along with two of his party executives for allegedly tampering with framework document of the now disintegrated CPP, notes that the Judicial System of Liberia needs to be improved, pointing out that prosecution of rape and sexual violence cases need to be improved, observing “Our legal system lacks the capacity to do it.”

He has denied the charges brought against him by the leader of the All Liberian Party businessman Benoni W. Urey.

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He says shame is on Liberian men for engaging in rape and violence, noting that statistics across the country show these are things that need to be changed. “I promise with your support and when I get to serve you, we will change them.”

He says it’s unfortunate that Liberia is endowed with so many natural resources such as diamond and gold, yet its people are still struggling in abject poverty.

“We are determined to work with the Liberian people, particularly the young people, who make about 65 percent of the country’s population”, he further vows.

Cummings says all of his advocacy is to benefit the youthful population, saying “All of the people who’re fighting us, are fighting you.”

However, he says an ANC government under his presidency will establish a national youth service program to engage young people.

Cummings explains that under said program, his government will make sure young people and women are properly catered for, noting that women are the foundation of the country but to achieve such a dream depends on how Liberians will cast their ballots.

The ANC leader is demonstrating an unwavering quest to rally supporters across Liberia, despite being tied up in a legal proceeding, which many of his supporters and sympathizers are politically motivated, intended to keep him off-track from his political goal.

Cummings seems to be more vigor on what he calls his mission to create a real change in Liberia, following his recent trip to western Liberia precisely, Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties where he visited towns and villages in Sewn Mecca District, Bomi County, Bea Mountain in Kinjor.

During his visit, Cummings said there is no reason why Liberia should remain the same years after years, adding that the country can only change around when the government manages the resources well.

“I pray that we as a country can get pave roads, good schools and our people can eat three meals a day. But this can work, if people who lead cannot put money from our resources in their pocket, that is why we need a new kind of leader who can make this work,” he says, further calling for a change of leadership in Liberia.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/cummings-explores-all-options/ Editing by Jonathan Browne

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