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Cummings scoops massive endorsement

- Kicks off engagement in Montserrado District#1

The presidential bid of opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) political leader Alexander B. Cummings got a massive boost on Wednesday, 2 November 2022.

Citizens of Montserrado County District #1 massively endorsed Mr. Cummings ahead of the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

The endorsement swelled up the already surging number of supporters for the CPP.

Cummings toured the district to engage the citizens as well as soliciting their support towards 2023.

Our reporter who followed the tour said Cummings used the various meetings he held with the people to present the current state of affairs in the country.

He also provided alternative solutions to the problems identified, among which was the scourge of corruption and bad governance.

The opposition leader blamed corruption and bad governance for the suffering and backwardness in the country. 

According to our reporter, the citizens were very receptive of the message and took their decisions to support Cummings in 2023 with a strong conviction that he will deliver on his promises

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 The well-planned tour picked up as early as 7:30 in the morning from the National Headquarters of the Liberty Party (LP).

LP is being used as the national headquarters of CPP.

A long convoy headed by Cummings also included heavy weights such as Messrs Lewis Brown, National Campaign Lead, Martin Kollah, Secretary General of Liberty Party, his Alternative National Congress counter, Atty. Alloysius Toe, Atty Gould, Advisor to Cummings.

Others were Madam Victoria Koiquah, Senatorial Candidate for Montserrado County, Moriah Yeakula, Chief of Office Staff to Cummings, the National Women Leader of ANC, Madam Rugie Barry, Representative Aspirants of District #1, Montserrado County.

The convoy cut through Monrovia via Sinkor, then the Freeway, branched through Logan Town, connected Caldwell and the journey entered District #1, Montserrado County.

The first major stop by the entourage was in Louisiana, where Cummings and his party were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.

The citizens were excited to have a physical look at the politician and to hear the message he has brought to deliver to them.

Some of the citizens who had turned out on a busy market day for the community, especially the women, abandoned what they were doing and thronged into a hall to listen to Cummings.

“I am happy to be here today to speak to our people. I want to thank you for the warm welcome you have and to bring a message of hope,” said Mr. Cummings. 

“We are not all happy with how the country is being run. It has brought hardship on the people that our citizens have to beg for everything they want while a very small group of people are enjoying what should be for all of us,” he continued.

The opposition leader suggested that Liberians have to change the system and find a better one to serve them.

“We have to put a stop to all the stealing so that our children will have better education, our youth will have jobs, so that we have the right health care for our system,” he urged the people.

The CPP leader said Liberians must end the corruption and so for this visit, he is beginning the process to end Mr. Weah’s incompetent and corrupt leadership. 

“Our people deserve better, Liberia deserves better”, Cummings said as he received a standing ovation.

He also made it a point to stop at every village where citizens had come out to receive him, especially where school kids lined up along the road to give him a rousing welcome. 

Few meters away from the first stop in Louisiana, he stopped at the Peace and Light Academy where he had offered a brief talk to the students after a student spoke in an emotional tone.

The student praised Cummings for the person he is and what he needs to do for the children of Liberia, especially provision of quality education.

A major endorsement program took place in Harrisburg Township where Cummings and District #1 Representative Rugie Barry got overwhelming support from the socio-political group called the Friends of Destiny.

The institution, which was founded in 2014 with membership of about 7,000 persons, spreads throughout Harrisburg Township.

It has also campaigned and voted for prominent politicians in various elections over the years.

After the performance of the traditional welcome ceremony which consisted of a presentation of kola nuts, the group read out its endorsement statement.

“We have taken this decision to endorse you and to support you Mr. Alexander B. Cummings for the 2023 presidential election for your sincerity, honesty and the development agenda you have for this country,” the group said. 

“Your promise for change is genuine that we can trust and believe in. We have seen other politicians making promises that they don’t have the capacity to fulfill but you are promising us a new Liberia that will end corruption and usher in real change,” the group continued. 

“So we are going to campaign for you to victory in 2023.”

For Madam Rugie Barry, the group said it is fully behind her.

“You have provided empowerment to our young women with vocational training, you have always been with us and for us,” the group said.

Miss Diamond Harris, leader and founder of the group, described herself as a former partisan of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

She said she and her group were convinced that Cummings is the real deal for the race in 2023 and will work towards the realization of his ambition.

Mr. Cummings being touched about the endorsement said he wholeheartedly appreciated the gesture.

He told them that he was not strange to the deplorable conditions the country has been plunged into because of the inability of President George Manneh Weah to lead the country in the right path.

He urged citizens to take action towards ending the tenure of the president by first registering during the voters registration exercise and then use their votes in 2023 to enthrone good leadership.

“We the Liberian People have to retrieve our country. We have to replace our President because he cannot do the job,” he said. 

“The job is big for him. It is like you want someone to drive a car and he has not done it before. So we have to change the country, we have to register to vote,” Cummings pleaded.

The voter registration is starting on December 15, 2022. Cummings said citizens should go out to vote for the right people to change Liberia.

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