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Cummings visits market and youth groups amidst jubilation

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings on Monday, March 6, visited the Fiamah Market Community in District #9 and the Gardnerville area in District 12, Montserrado County, amidst jubilation by hundreds of marketers and great excitement on the part of youths in Gardnerville.

Women at the Fiamah Market and youths in Gardnerville accorded Cummings and delegation, warm welcome and expressed joy for the visits, with assurance of support to his Presidential bid, comes October 10.

The CPP Standard Bearer visits to the Fiamah Market took him to other communities including Waysay and his childhood community where he grew up, in the midst of excitement among residents that he looks back and hopes that he will look back again when elected President.

Mr. Cummings also visited the Fiamah Intellectual center and engaged with youths.

The CPP Standard Bearer visits to the Fiamah and Stephen Tolbert Housing Estate in Gardnerville are part of ongoing initiatives to rally Liberians to register in the pending Voters Registration exercise due to kick off March 20, 2023.

The marketers said the CPP Standard Bearer visit was timely to give him an appreciable understanding of the prevailing conditions in which they are struggling to sell and earn a livelihood. 

Cummings urged the marketers not to be weary and instead should register to vote and upon his election as President, he will institute real change that will better the lives of all Liberians.

He said as President, he will work assiduously to ensure Liberian businesses including marketers are fully supported to sustain and grow their businesses.

Cummings said within the first one hundred days, he will ensure the availability of funds to accelerate private sector development, geared towards empowering Liberians at all levels of business.

The CPP Standard Bearer visits with youth groups and engagements at the Emancipation Project, an intellectual center in the Stephen Tolbert Housing Estate in Gardnerville, was characterized by dialogue, questions and answers, attended by hundreds of youths, and supporters including Motorcyclists.

Questions ranged from Cummings contributions to national development to youth empowerment, provision of basic social services, education, health care, job creation and economic recovery.

Cummings urged the young people to muster the courage, to register and vote to change the failed government of President George Weah, whom he describes as a good footballer, but a ‘feecee” President.

The CPP Standard Bearer vowed to lead by example, assuring that he will not steal the Liberian people’s money and will expect that no public official will steal without consequences.

Cummings said for Liberia to change, prosper, and for its people to live a better life, Liberians will have to adopt different behavior, different work ethics, and break away from the old ways of doing things.

The CPP Standard Bearer said with his enviable world record of achievements, he will resuscitate the ailing economy, attract direct foreign investments, and support private sector development, all aim at creating much-needed jobs for Liberians.

He promised to restore basic social services including electricity, quality education in the classrooms, good health care delivery services, and good roads and pleaded with Liberians to register and vote him as the next President of Liberia.

He assured that all Liberians irrespective of political or party affiliations, ethnicity and gender will have equal rights and access to jobs and opportunities, that will better the lives of all Liberians.

According to the CPP Standard Bearer, these goals will not be achieved, if Liberians do not register in mass to vote him President comes October 10.

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