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Cummings wants Bea Mountain contract review

The political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander Cummings has suggested a review of the concession agreement of Bea Mountain, a gold mining company in Grand Capemount County.

He promised to bring pressure to bear on the company to ensure they live up to the agreement.

“I promised you, we will put pressure on these people. They will not come to take your resources, they will not come to take your gold and they will not leave you poor-then we will have to keep our gold because right now, we are not benefiting anything from it,” Cummings said as he address the local people during a town hall meeting, in Gold Camp, one of the company’s satellite mining camps.

Mr. Cummings’ suggestion comes amidst reports of poor living conditions of the indigenous people in the area arguing that it’s unthinkable for them to be living in one of the richest parts of the country and yet so poor.

“I share your anger, your disappointment that you live in one of the richest parts of Liberia and you are living like poor people. This should not be,” Cummings fumed.

Bea Mountain Mining Corporation and the Government of Liberia signed a 13-year mineral (gold) exploration agreement in 2013, with option to extend the term for a maximum of 25 years if there is commercial value of the remaining deposit and after notifying the government 1 year in advance from the expiry of the termination date.

As per the agreement signed in 2013, the government will receive a 10% equity interest in Bea Mountain Mining Corporation’s operations without dilution.

But 8 years into the agreement, there have been reports of neglect and claims of the company not living up to its part of the agreement, sparking demonstrations and agitations against it by the locals.

But Cummings during his town hall meeting in Gold Camp said there is a need to put pressure on the company to make it live up to the agreement.

“We have to put pressure on the company to do better for you. This is not acceptable. We can’t be living in this country with all these resources and we’re in this kind of hall-that is not acceptable. You don’t have schools, you don’t have a health center that is not acceptable in Liberia in 2021.


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