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Cuttington official speaks on education, women dress code

Cuttington Junior College vice president Ms. Victoria Kolue Kasselie says education in Liberia is not a “Mess,” but it is the education system in the Country that is a “Mess.”

The official at the Junior College in Kakata, Margibi County argues that the description “Mess” as applied to education is not that sound and good teachers are lacking in Liberia for which students are not taking their studies seriously.

Instead, she believes that it is the education system in which the learning process is being carried on that is not conductive for the students at all. Ms. Kasselie who is an Education Psychologist has pointed out that the 14 – year civil crisis and the deadly Ebola virus are causes which have set Liberia’s educational process aback.
She recommends that the education system should employ qualified teachers with degrees in the teaching profession, saying the ills in the educational system are high school graduates who are taking over the classrooms as teachers and infesting the teaching profession.

Ms. Kasselie calls on parents to kindly put in time as a means to counter check their children’s [learning] process, and also appeals to all teachers to avoid accepting money in exchange for grades.
Meanwhile, Ms. Kasselie has disclosed that there are 236 students [at the college], most of whom are self-supported.But she says payment at the college is very slow, though parents are trying to get their children in school. According to her, there are 12 support staff and 44 staff members of the college.

In another development, Ms. Kasselie is cautioning her fellow Liberian women to be careful on what to wear because the younger girls would copy from the older women in terms of what they wear.

“Nowadays we see middle aged women with dress code that does not represent womanhood which Liberia does not also subscribe to. This kind of dress code is not good for our young generation,” Ms. Kasselie says.

She is also appealing to government to kindly put in place measures that would address this kind of ugly dressing as applied to womanhood in the country.

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