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CWA Alumina Donates LD$29,000

The Controller General of Liberia, Boone Wilson, a graduate of the College of West Africa, has donated LD$22,000 plus US$100 to the alumina association of the college to promote academic excellence among students there.

Mr. Wilson said the donation is a prize to the winner of the Quizzing and Spelling Bee competition organized by the alumina of the school. The Vice President of the Alumina Association of the College of West Africa, Samuel G. King said, it is time for the school to rise again. He said the inter-class competition was organized among the students to bring out hidden talents.

“The Boom Wilson quizzing and spelling bee competition was organized by the alumina association of CWA to show the talents of students and reverse the academic appetite of the school”, King noted.

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According to him, the school’s standard has fallen in the past decade so the alumina thought it wise to return to restore hope to its pride over the years.

Meanwhile, the alumina association has provided cash prizes to winners of the competition, with LD$11,000 given to the first place winner, while the second place winner walked away with LD$6,000, and the third place winner, LD$5,000, respectively. The most viable quizzer (MVQ) Leon T. Brownell of the 11th Grade class received US$100 for a job well done.

The program, which brought together government officials, Alumina of CWA, administrators and other schools within Monrovia, was seen as an academic excellence.

The Secretary General of the Alumina Association Nicholas N. Blidi, called on all graduates of the CWA to return and contribute to their alma mater, saying “This is not the end; measures have been put in place to see that teachers of the school receive adequate incentives to do their job.”

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