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CWA Alumni Association USA outlines plans to invest in students and develop talents

The College of West Africa Alumni Association, USA (CWA-AA, USA) over the weekend rolled out a first-of-its-kind two-year plan for CWA designed to invest in students and talent development at the Nation’s second-oldest educational institution.

The unique path forward seeks to establish new platforms to help students achieve academic success, prepare for difficult life choices, and enhance inclusive culture competencies while gaining valuable lifelong leadership essentials skill sets to succeed into the future.

CWA-AA, USA which is preparing to celebrate its 30th year anniversary next year, a major milestone, held its 22nd Annual Convention on March 27, 2021, where the organization elected a new slate of Officers and appointed a new Board of Directors. Having spent the past several months gaining a better understanding of the current state of the student population and institution, the Officers with support from the CWA-AA USA Board, and CWA President Rev. Paye Cooper Mondolo, have embarked upon this first of its kind path forward for the historic institution aimed at advancing CWA into the future as a national leader not only in academic excellence and servant leadership but also diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) and gender balance achievement. 

Expressing his support for CWA-AA, USA initiatives, Rev. Mondolo said, “We applaud CWA-AA, USA for taking this innovative and timely approach to furthering academic excellence and servant leadership at our school by helping to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion of all. It focuses on gender diversity that includes all aspects of the educational and teaching experience of our students and staff.”  The plan seeks to equip CWA to grow and sustain staff and student gender balance, including the launch of a Women and Girls Leadership Forum. Other complementary platforms include a Change Leadership Academy, Guidance Counseling and Teacher & Student Accountability Office, Student Career Services Office, and a Landmark Preservation Campaign. 

CWA-AA, USA has made diversity, equity, and inclusion the cornerstone of its path forward.  The Association’s President, Mr. Samuel Wolo, Jr., says the goal is to “advance an inclusive and engaged culture where every CWA student, alum, and staff member feels valued, respected, appreciated and accepted for their uniqueness, feels as though they belong, and can be their full authentic self and thrive.”  The organization believes that only then can the CWA family make a meaningful contribution to improving the educational experience and quality of life of current and future CWA students.  

CWA-AA, USA is fully committed to leveraging the power of inclusion to unlock the diversity within its Alumni body so that every alum brings their full potential to bear to achieve exceptional outcomes for the students of CWA, as well as the faculty and staff. The leadership team has begun taking key steps in support of implementing the platforms highlighted above in its path forward.-Press release  

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