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Cyril Allen takes on Cummings

An executive member of the governing council of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change is picking bones with the political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress, Mr. Alexander Cummings, describing him as someone with poor judgment and low thinking about politics in Liberia.

Mr. Cummings recently launched a stinking attack against the Weah administration noting that since its incumbency, the government has not told Liberians where they want to take the country and how they will get there. “There are no plans for infrastructure, education, healthcare or agriculture; no milestones, goals or plans for the various sectors, except road building,” the ANC leader said on OK FM in Monrovia.

The opposition leader who has been gaining strong ratings as a credible voice, cited unwillingness, inability and lack of competence in government as obstacles impeding forward move of the country.
But speaking to the NewDawn on Sunday, December 09, Chief Cyril Allan instead notes, due to Mr. Cummings’ incompetence, he could not convince Liberians to elect him as president. “He was [not] competent enough to win the democratic process. What they do is to cause noise and post nonsense on the social media about their country,” Chief Allen says.

“Alex Cummings is not smarter than us. We can teach him. He’s not competent than any of us here; we went to the same school together and he was my junior. I’ve been in politics and there are lots of us including Professors Wilson Tarpeh and D. Ansu Sonii and Minister Moses Kollie, we teach and guide him in his endeavors.”

According to him, Cummings joined the Coca Cola company, which is a conventional and bureaucratic system and worked along line that does not show he can handle the country. He notes that in most instances, conventional companies’ managers are good leaders.

Chief Allen, Chairman emeritus and advisor of the Governing Council of the CDC, says Mr. Cummings should consider bringing investors to Liberia, but instead, he calls his friends and makes noise about incompetence.

“This is a man who featured 73 representative candidates in the 2017 elections with sufficient funds and one won, that’s means he has poor judgment and terrible decision making and he should sit and reflect on his defeat.”

“Some of the politicians who are criticizing this regime are lawyers who failed in their field of studies and quickly jumped into politics for survival, unlike me who studied politics and remain in my field of study. Some of the people who open law firms here only to exploit the Liberian people who once ill-treated in the court rooms and they later chased for their votes during elections’ time. They represented investors’ interest the locals and claimed of loving the people and wanting to protect. When they started doing that?” He wonders.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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