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Da Real Stealing Private Schools Doing So – Part 2

I swear to God. We will not eat crab with shame with this one. The stealing private schools are carrying on is too much. A school, like a church, is a very profitable business in Liberia nowadays. Most of us know this. But the painful part is that most of the schools are making the profit criminally. We will die in the hands of private schools. Parents are feeling it. Guardians are going through it. Self-supported students are catching it, too. Da small stealing private schools in so, my people?

Money business is hard in this country, but authorities of private schools feel that it is parents who have all the money. Job business is hard in this country. Unemployment is a serious problem facing this nation, yet authorities of private schools feel that it’s parents and guardians who are the employed ones of the nation. Salaries are low for civil servants; however, authorities of private schools believe that it is parents who are gainfully employed.

Because of all these reasons and many more, most authorities of private schools usually prepare themselves to steal from, rob and exploit parents and guardians every school year. And the really sad thing about it is that the government, the Ellen government that many thought would reduce the suffering of the common people, is doing little or nothing about it. It is frustratingly painful and disappointing.

Since private schools started selling their information sheets to parents about two weeks ago, a lot of parents, guardians and self-supported students continue to grieve and weep. It is unbearable for them. The reason? Well, private schools continue to increase their fees – tuition, registration and other fees – unreasonably, which most parents consider pure stealing, robbery or exploitation. Da small stealing private schools stealing from parents?

Some schools are selling one-sheet information sheets for LD150.00. Dis one da real stealing. Some private schools force parents to by student hand books every new school year, even though parents bought them for their kids the previous school year, and even though they are the same hand books that the school has been using. Dis one here da real stealing. Private schools – most of them, that is – are stealing too much. They are fleecing parents. They are robbing parents. They are killing parents. They are exploiting parents.

Hear another one, my people. Some private schools are asking parents to pre-register their children, including kids who are old students, at exorbitant and non-refundable costs.  There’s a school in Paynesville – a Christian school. It is charging old parents US$25 for pre-registration. My people, if a parent is still interested in sending their child or children to a school, ehn the parent is just supposed to go to the school and indicate that, and the school is just supposed note that? Why should telling a school that you want your child to continue going there be done with money? And why charge US$25? Dis one here da real stealing, too.

Another school in Monrovia – and we may soon start calling names, starting from next week – is charging LD450.00 for an ordinary ID Card. Can you imagine? Dis one here da real stealing, my people, especially when an ID Card can be taking for LD75.00? When parents asked the school authority why they were charging such an amount for an ID Card, the Christian private school said that the ID Card itself is LD300, while the ID Card rope is LD150. Da na real stealing here, my people? Why are private schools doing this to the parents of this country? Why all this stealing?

My people, da na real stealing here? Da na broad-day robbery? Da na what we call crooko-gee operation? Look, if concerned parents and students do not come together to seriously challenge the authorities of the private schools that are doing these things, things are definitely going to get out of hand. This kind of stealing has to end, and it requires the no-nonsense involvement of concerned parents. Da me say so!

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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