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Da Real Stealing Private Schools Doing So – Part I

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Dis one da na joke. We will die in the hands of private schools. Parents are feeling it. Guardians are going through it. Self-supported students are catching it, too. Da small thing, my people? Money business is hard in this country, but authorities of private schools feel that it is parents who have all the money. Job business is hard in this country.

Unemployment is a serious problem facing this nation, yet authorities of private schools feel that it parents and guardians who are the employed ones of the nation. Salaries are low for civil servants; however, authorities of private schools believe that it is parents who are gainfully employed.

Because of all these reasons and many more, most authorities of private schools usually prepare themselves to steal from, rob and exploit parents and guardians every school year. And the really sad thing about it is that the government, the Ellen government that many thought would reduce the suffering of the common people, is doing little or nothing about it. It is frustratingly painful and disappointing.

Since private schools started selling their information sheets to parents about two weeks ago, a lot of parents, guardians and self-supported students continue to grieve and weep. It is unbearable for them. The reason? Well, private schools continue to increase their fees – tuition, registration and other fees – unreasonably, which most parents consider pure stealing, robbing or exploitation. Da small stealing private schools stealing from parents?

Some schools’ registration fee is LD3, 000. Then it cheap-o.Don’t forget that some school’s registration fee alone is LD7, 000? Da na tuition-o; da just registration fee. Looka dis kinda thing! If a school can charge LD7, 000 as registration fee, imagine how much such a school is charging as tuition. LD30, 000! We will die, my people.

Hear another story about the big time stealing private schools are carrying on. The registration and other information about the school year is written on only one sheet. Do you know how much they are selling that one sheet of paper? If you are lucky, you get it for LD100.00; however, if you are not that lucky, some schools sell it for LD150.00. Da na stealing dere, my people? Da real stealing dere!

When parents ask the authorities of the private schools being discussed, they say that if we parents think education is expensive, then we should try ignorance. Da na stupid talk here, my people?

Hear the fun, folks. Just yesterday, a private school principal made this same statement to an angry parent. Guess what the parent told the principal?

The aggrieved parent hissed and said, “If you think all parents are stupid, try your broad-day stealing.”

Hear another fun, my people. On Monday, July 16, a parent went to register his three children at a school in Paynesville. His children are old students; they attended the school during the 2011/2012 academic year that just ended.

When the parent was about to pay the first quarter tuition and fee, the registrar said, “You have to pay for the Student Hand Book, too.”

“Da how much again?” asked the frustrated parent.

“Da LD100.00 per copy. Since you have three children, it is LD300.00,” said the registrar.

The parent smiled and remarked, “But they all are my children, and they all live with me in the same house. Why should I buy three copies of the same book, when it is not a textbook that each will be required to use in their class?”the parent cleverly asked.

The registrar scratched his head and said, “But da the requirement. Da whah the school say.”

Looka did this kinda thing, my people. Da na real stealing in broad daylight? It is tantamount to a private school asking parents to pay P-T.A fee per child. In other words, if the school is charging LD100.00, then a parent with four children in the school has to pay LD400.00. Da real stealing here, too.

Anyway, after the parent had thought for a while, she said, “But I paid for three copies of this same Student Hand Book for my three children last school year. We still have them at the house. Since da the same thing, no need I pay for new ones. You people have not changed anything in it. Da the same thing.Ehn da true?”

“Yes, da true,” responded the registrar, “but you still have to pay for it.”

My people, da na real stealing here? Da na broad-day robbery? Da na what we call crooko-gee operation? Look, if concerned parents and students do not come together to seriously challenge the authorities of the private schools that are doing these things, things are definitely going to get out of hand. This kind of stealing has to end, and it requires the no-nonsense involvement of concerned parents. Da me say so!

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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